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Nightwear for Men

Nightwear for Men

If you are searching some cool styles in nightwear for men, then make sure that you read the following article and get an idea about the best picks in this category. Here's all about the best fabrics to opt for and popular sleepwear patterns in men's nightwear segment.
Mamta Mule
While ladies have a huge collection of nightgowns to flaunt off and stay comfortable while sleeping, men too have a good collection of nightwear available on the shelves today. If you were wondering that the nightwear segment mainly consists of clothing for women, then you have probably not yet checked out the section of men's sleepwear. Let me tell you that the same consists of lot of varieties and options in styles and designs from which men can definitely find pieces that suit their taste of style. Moreover, today there are several brands which are launching quality and trendy nightwear for men. This also offers them an option of buying designer nightwear that provides ultimate comfort along with sophisticated styles. So let us move on to find out various options in the same.


There are many options in men's nightwear in terms of fabrics. While you checkout different nightwear patterns, cotton can be found as the commonly used fabric. Cotton is a skin friendly fabric that gives a rich and comfy touch to the outfit. Premium range pieces are often designed using soft satins. You can find satin nightwear in dark colors like black, navy, charcoal, brown. Nylon night suit is another good option that men can consider opting for.


Though the options in terms of styles are lesser than those available for women, there are various nice patterns that men can opt to buy. The most popular and great-looking nightwear is a night suit. Men's night suits, basically consist of a shirt and trousers which is matching with each other and makes a set. The colors and designs of both the pieces are well coordinated to make a perfect looking two-piece nightwear. You can find night suits in plain fabrics or even those in classic masculine prints. The next best pattern of nightwear that men can buy are the comfy pajamas. Pajamas are loose-fitting and highly comfortable trousers which are available in various fabrics, cotton being the most popular pick. You can pair a half sleeves nightshirt which has a comfort fit with pajamas.

If you are not really comfortable wearing long pants, then shorts are the thing to opt for. Now there are various options in shorts which you can browse through before buying one. Boxer shorts which are available in trendy plaids and cool colors give an ultra cool look when paired with a loose, round neck tee shirt or fancy sleeveless t-shirt. Sporty shorts which are made of breathable fabrics are good picks for summers. These are available in blue, red, black, brown, orange and many other soft and flashy colors from which you can choose your favorite piece. Many prefer to buy a satin robe which offer another comfortable option. These come in plain fabrics and light shades.

Colors and Prints

Let me tell you that the above-mentioned nightwear options for men are most commonly available in plain fabrics. Printed pieces usually consist of plaids. Night suits, shirts and pajamas in plain fabrics often have a contrast colored piping or a contrast colored border, that adds a stylish touch to the piece. Stripes and plaids are all time hit in the section, so you can find them in almost all patterns. Most elegant patterns are made of plain fabrics in light colors like ice blue, light gray, white, beige or off-white. You can find many good color combinations and designs in trendy night suits for men.

Well then, all you men, ready to don the stylish nightwear? I am sure that you are eager to checkout the options and tryout designer pieces in each style. So, pick the good ones for sleeping in a comfy and cool outfit!