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Overcoats for Men

Overcoats for Men

There are a few things that you need to know before purchasing overcoats. This article talks about overcoats for men which will make your purchase decision easier.
Rutuja Jathar
Men's clothing has always received very little importance and fashion has always been a woman's domain. However, this stream of thoughts is changing and the variety in men's clothing is a living proof of this. Coats are the most important type of clothing, that are considered as a wardrobe must have. There are various types available, like the morning coats, lounge coats, dinner jacket, tailcoats, frock coats, etc. At the start of the 19th century, they were distinguished by two categories, namely undercoats and overcoats. While undercoat has now become an archaic term, the clothes that are worn as an outermost garment by both men and women are still termed as overcoats. Typical ones extend below the knees and they are mostly confused with topcoats, which is a totally different type of clothing. In fact, both of them are equivalently known as outercoats!

How to Choose the Best Overcoat

Overcoats become necessary during winter and not all men can buy them on a monthly or yearly basis. This is the reason why you need to be really careful while choosing one for yourself. Apart from a comfortable fit, you need to consider a lot of other things. First of all, the length. Make sure that the one you choose goes well with the casual attire you have worn underneath it. You can also decide the length according to your workstation. Older men usually opt for full length ones and it is a fact that the ¾th length ones make you look fresh and younger. You also need to stay away from going after trendy designs of this winter clothing pattern. The main reason why we are saying this is because once the trend fades away, you cannot wear the coat no matter how badly you want to wear it!

Give importance to the fabric as well as color of the overcoat. Synthetic, microfiber blends, cashmere, alpaca, and woolen ones are the best options you can choose from. Along with fabrics, you need to opt for neutral colors that can match with all your outfits. Hence, always go for dark color shades and colors of clothing that do not fade or soil fast. While choosing the pattern, emphasize the time for which you will be wearing the coat to make sure that it goes with your off-duty apparel. Also make sure that the one you choose has pockets, since they are useful to hold petty stuff. You can opt for full length ones if you want that dressy and slimmer look. Considering their price, one can say that an overcoat is a long term investment, and hence you need to check for all the essential factors.

Once you are sure of its fabric, color, length, and design, it is time to check whether you care purchasing the best piece. For instance, recheck for the hanging threads, exposed linings, loose buttons, and zippers. Make sure that you buy one that suits your body type as well as body shape. You can opt for single breasted ones, but do not button up totally, as that affects your overall look. An unbuttoned single breasted overcoat makes you look smarter. If you are not that fashion conscious, then you can also opt for double breasted ones that come with matching belts.

You can also look for variations, like the pea coats, trench coats (Matrix style), Italian style overcoats, and many other patterns of winter jackets. Men's clothing stores, online clothing stores, and online auction sites are some of the best sources that you have to get good overcoats. Always keep an eye on the tag while you are trying one. The tag not only holds the price of that coat but it also gives you information about its durability and make of that material. As a word of advise, remember that conservative style ones are easier on your pocket, and hence if you really want to have one and have a tight budget, then opt for this style.

Some of the best designer clothing brands for men's overcoats are Gap, Dolce and Gabbana, BKE, Jos. A. Banks, Sanyo, London Fog, Ralph Lauren, Big & Tall, Hugo Boss, Perry Ellis, Macy, Calvin Klein, etc.