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Signs She's Cheating

Signs She's Cheating

Lack of trust can ruin a perfect relationship. But if you have your good and valid reasons for doubting on your girlfriend, then look for the signs in her behavior. This MenWit article tells you about the hints and signs that will indicate that she may be cheating on you.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Cheating in a relationship is not simply a man's prerogative. Women cheat too. However, a lesser ratio of women would indulge in infidelity. This is because women are more emotional as compared to men, and somehow, the emotions of the relationship issues tend to come in the way of their infidelity. Nonetheless, women do cheat.
If you suspect that something is not quite right in your relationship, then there may be chances that she's being unfaithful to you. However, don't accuse her of anything before you jump to conclusions, and it is better to find out about it sooner than later. But this may not be true always! Look for some hints in her behavior. Below are some signs that may tell that she's being unfaithful to you.
Signs that Show Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You
Intimacy has turned sour
Intimacy may have become a thing of the past. If you may have initiated or showed intimacy towards her, and she turned you down almost every time, then may be things are really sour.
She has become too nice
You must have heard the phrase, "If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't.". Well, that could be the case with your woman. If she becomes too accommodating about your tastes and wishes or is suddenly interested in knowing your schedule, there is a chance that she could be cheating on you. Then why would she be nice, you ask? Well, that is to keep you happy, and to keep her guilt from taking over her. This is one of the signs that she has someone else too in her life.
Her dressing has changed drastically
Well, if that is the case, then there may be chances that she's dressing up for the new man in her life. She may have bought new clothes and is dressing up well really often even though you might have told her a thousand times that you love her the way she is.
She has a new friend whom she meets regularly
If you don't know this new friend and she is not willing to introduce, then there is a chance that she is either with someone else, or cheating on you with that friend.
Her priorities have changed
If you are not her number one priority any more, and nor is the family, then she could be indulging behind your back. You need to, however, be a little careful with this sign; it could mean that she is simply falling out of love with you. You may notice that all of a sudden there are no more Sunday dates or movie dates, and she's always finding an excuse to skip them.
She has gone 'I' from 'We'
If her general vocabulary consists more of the word "I" where it used to have "we", then may be she's being unfaithful. This tends to happen if the relationship has been going on and off for a long time, and things have become mundane.
She's being secretive
If she keeps her schedule and contacts a secret from you, she is definitely cheating on you in one way or another. In any relationship, transparency is the essence of trust. So, if she is avoiding it, something is gravely amiss. It is a major sign of an unfaithful girlfriend.
All these signs will take a while to become obvious. Under most circumstances, the men just don't see it coming. So, if she has given you a reason for doubt, then keep a look out for these signs.
Signs She's Cheating in a Long-distance Relationship
Rules for long-distance relationships change to a certain extent. The signs we discussed above may not hold true in this case. So, if one is in a long distance relationship, then how does one know if she is unfaithful? Here's how ...
✦ If she no longer asks you of your whereabouts, there is a possibility that she could be cheating on you. She doesn't ask you because she doesn't want you to ask her.

✦ If she never answers your call at an unexpected time. If you have a stipulated time to talk, then she will make sure that she is free for you at that time. At an unexpected time, she will not always be busy. If she never answers, then something is amiss, big time!
✦ If you don't hear the urgency in her voice. In most long-distance relationships, the couple seems to develop this urgency for each other, due to the distance. If you don't hear the urgency any more, there may be someone else satisfying it.

✦ If she always insists that she comes to meet you rather than the other way round, it means that she is hiding something from you. In this case, it could be another man.
Keep in regular contact with her. Make sure that you give her as much attention as possible. This will dissuade her from going outside the relationship. Many couples explore the option of intimacy over the telephone to keep their other senses satisfied and to keep the partner loyal. You can try out that option as well.
In any relationship, there has to be a reason for a person to go out of the relationship. So, if you have a reason to doubt her loyalty, confront her and talk it out with her. If there is enough love in a relationship, one discretion may be forgotten. So, confront your partner about your doubts, and keep her as happy as you can.