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Here's How to Keep a Stubble for That Sexy and Super Hot Look

How to Keep a Stubble
A stubble looks sexy and super hot. But to achieve that look, first you need to know how to groom it and maintain the look. To look rugged and attractive as opposed to scruffy and untidy, you need to keep some grooming tips in mind.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Lets face it. A stubble has a certain rakish appeal. Women consistently rate men with stubble more attractive then clean-shaven men. However not all men look good with a stubble. As it is not a fully grown beard, it needs more attention in maintaining the constant length. Hence, it becomes difficult to maintain. Most men working in the corporate sector prefer to keep this kind of look for parties or weekends, because of its informal look. Earlier, considered to be a messy look, today, the stubble is a favorite amongst Hollywood A-list actors. What do Gerard Butler, Martin Henderson and Brad Pitt have in common? It is their hot stubble look. Many other actors are seen flaunting this rugged look even to red-carpet events. Men surely like the kind of attention they get from women while sporting this look.
Tips to Grow a Stubble
tips for stubble look
• When you are planning to grow a stubble, observe its growth for one or two days. Also, observe the thickness of the hair follicle, beard patches, and directions of growth.

• Start growing your beard on a weekend or a vacation, so that you can save yourself the embarrassment about the early stubble stages.
• If you are letting your beard grow for the first time, the initial days of growth might be uncomfortable to handle. It might also get itchy and scratchy.

• The stubble area might even sweat if you are growing a beard in the summers. But make sure you keep it clean and wash it thoroughly every time you bathe or wash your face.
The Grooming Process
The Grooming Process for stubble look
• When you have grown a considerable amount of facial hair, which can be called a stubble, you have to groom it and style it.

• If you want to keep this look for quite some time, keep trimming it either with a pair of scissors or a razor.

• Do not make the stubble very tiny by cutting it, but keep a visible layer of hair. Avoid using a razor for this purpose as you can misjudge the length of the hair and unknowingly trim the stubble in an uneven manner.
• When you wash your face, apply a good amount of face wash and keep the beard area clean. This prevents it from the dust and sweat through the day.

• You can also use a small amount of conditioner while you take a shower, as this will loosen the irritating edge of the stubble. A good face moisturizer can also do wonders instead of the conditioner.

• Keep trimming your stubble to the same length as long as you wish to keep this look.
There are a variety of trimmers and other shaving tools available in the market these days which can be of your help. With the above tips, you can easily grow as well as maintain a smart stubble, whenever you feel like. But when you do, make sure you take good care of it, as it's not easy to catch the eye of all those gorgeous women out there!
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