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Thicker Hair for Men

Thicker Hair for Men

Thicker hair for men is easy to grow, when you understand the factors revolving around some basics about how to care for it. Here is an article about how to get thicker hair.
Madhura Panse
In the sensitive vulnerability of a moment, the mere thought of losing hair can be scary for a lot of men. Some may 'take it like a man', whilst others who have made their hair an object of strutting vanity, find it a fact that takes a long time of experienced failures of having tried fussing over everything in desperation to get it back, only to understand that they have to unwillingly like it, or at least accept it. You lose 50 to 100 hair strands a day. But if it's more than that, you aren't entirely doomed either. You need to understand the basics of thicker hair to get it back.

  • Healthy hair depends upon your hair and your body, getting the right nutrition, and proper blood circulation.
  • If you eat egg whites without the yolk, it can deplete the body's biotin (vitamin B7) levels. They contain a protein called avidin, which interfere with the absorption of Vitamin B7 essential for thicker hair.
  • The vitamins also include vitamin A, B, C, D, and E.
  • Lack of Vitamin D in your body can be an underlying factor for losing your hair. Soak up more sun, and make sure you have a balanced intake of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids affect the usurping and the natural process of vitamin D that is essential for healthy hair.
  • Also make sure that your diet contains foods having enough amino acid lysine, copper, zinc, and selenium. However, if you take huge amounts of zinc, then it can lead to hair loss too. Getting it in the right quantity works best. Eat enough fruits and vegetables, and make sure to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated - always an advice, but best for your hair too.
  • A dysfunction of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) makes hair brittle and can lead to hair loss. So, it's essential to get the right amount of salt in your body.
  • A diet that is high in fats, animal protein, and salt can damage the kidneys. Your blood gets acidic, and that certainly results into thinning of hair.
  • Stress is a major factor for the loss of tresses.
  • A scalp massage with the essential oils of fenugreek, ginger, lavender, cypress, and rosemary works wonderfully. Make sure the essential oils aren't adulterated.
  • Nettle Tea is great for hair growth. When cool nettle tea is poured onto the scalp and rinsed, your hair will look a lot more voluminous after a while.
  • There are several plant-based oils that would serve well for thick hair. Tea tree oil is effective when mixed with sweet almond, massaged into the scalp and hair, and rinsed after an hour.
  • Coconut oil is made of Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) fats. Their molecular structure is perfectly nutritious for your scalp, and hair follicles and coconut oil acts as a natural antioxidant. Lauric acid, present in coconut oil as a fat, forms monolaurins, as it interacts with the microflora on your scalp and destroys any fungal bacteria and forms of candida that damage your hair.
  • Constant coloring of hair also is very harmful. The ammonia it contains is toxic.
  • There are toxic chemicals in beauty products like sodium lauryl sulfate (kerosene based) or propylene glycol (a base for antifreeze), which do your hair and your body a lot of damage. Sodium lauryl sulfate is used in a lot of shampoos. It corrodes your hair follicles, interfering with hair-growth and can lead to premature hair loss. Many hair care products marketed and sold under the guise of being natural and herbal, contain toxic chemicals in them. Castile soap, dating back to the 16th century, is good for your hair, as it doesn't contain the harmful toxins that a lot of commercial shampoos do.
Home-made Natural Shampoo

Try this simple recipe that will make your hair look a lot more livelier and cleaner.
  • Pour half a cup of boiled water into a bowl, and mix it with one tablespoon or rosemary and two of fresh, chopped mint.
  • Add ΒΌ cup of natural shampoo, and stir it into the mixture.
  • Let it soak for around half an hour, and then, strain it into a glass bottle.
  • Always use fresh herbs, as they serve your purpose better.
Hair styles are an essential part in either hiding or bringing out your personality. Always make sure you go to someone you trust entirely with your hair if you want to chop off your locks. The hair should frame your face well and bring out your best features, and not flop down on it making you look like Dougal from 'The Magic Roundabout'. There are several ways to have thicker hair for men by cutting it right.

These are some simple tips to follow, and you can always discuss with your hairstylist what would look best.