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7 Things All Girls Typically Do When They are Upset

7 Things Girls Do When They Are Upset
We all get distressed emotionally at times, irrespective of whether the reason for it is warranted/rational or not. What is peculiar, however, is the way we deal with the disturbance.
Sai Kardile
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
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"Personally, when things upset me, I get quiet and closed off. I have nothing to say, and a chill sets in while I think about what's going on."
― Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Oh come on! Girls aren't just the dainty little petite things as the world likes to view them as. They aren't just frail and feeble as people are most likely to think. As a man, we are sure, there are times when you are left totally clueless when you have to witness or face your woman's unprovoked anger or silent treatment.

But din this in your head―your girl/woman is rarely wrong and if she's already seething with anger over something, then SHE IS DEFINITELY NOT WRONG.

There are certain things that girls are most likely to do when they are emotionally perturbed. Take a look at some of them mentioned here.
She will turn into one shopaholic
Sad Woman with Shopping Bags
Shopping to girls is very therapeutic; no other activity in life would give a girl the kind of rhapsody that shopping can. It is in a way spiritual. Lol. Well that's what most of us girls do when we find ourselves in an emotional pickle and are in a dire need to feel good about ourselves. Shopping gives us that much-needed injection of happy hormones to replenish the upset soul.
The not very silent 'silent treatment'
Any girl who intently refuses to acknowledge your presence, talks through you with someone (as if you are an invisible wall), flounces off when she sees you around, then she is clearly manifesting the dreaded 'silent treatment' behavior. While she may successfully put on a facade of silence, but on the inside, you know what kind of an emotional upheaval she is going through.
She will seek solace from her girl friend(s)
woman comforting her friend
A guy may not find any rhyme and reason with her being upset, whereas her girl friend will not just find a reason but will also feel the 'emotional pain' with her. Her girl friend is someone with whom she invests her emotional energy into (more like a soul partner thing) and when she feels drained of it, the only way she can regain her mental strength is by pouring her heart out to her friend.
Swearing and screaming at haste and repenting at leisure
Screaming Woman
This is something very typical of the woman species. Girls when totally hacked off or upset over something have an inclination toward indulging in unrestrained tongue lashing. They will scream, roar, screech in their ear-grating soprano and will subject you to a volley of accusations, interspersed with swearing and crying. However, after the storm abates, they realize how stupid they acted and will do just about everything to beg your apology.
Deluge herself with ice cream
A bucket of ice cream to a woman is what a barrel of rum is to a pirate, or may be, it's not that good an analogy after all; but no woman on this planet can deny the instant elation that ice cream can infuse her with. A girl needs at least a bucket of it to drown her sorrows.
She will feel the need to be alone
Thinking Womant Window She Looks Down
Another characteristic thing that a girl will be most likely to do when she is in a gloomy mood. She will hole herself up in her room and contemplate over the things that are causing her to feel sad and dejected. It is best not to deprive her of the 'solitary time', because even a lioness needs some time to lick her wounds and regain her fierce mojo.
She will watch feel-good movies
When an upset and sensitive girl feels the need to cheer herself up, she is certain to resort to watching mood-lifting movies. She needs to revive her faith in humanity and has to be instilled with the faith that 'everything will be okay'.
As a guy, you would be stumped when your woman acts all riled up or upset, but it behooves you to try to understand the cause behind her emotional agitation. While it is strictly recommended to keep a safe distance (both literally and figuratively) when you find yourself as a spectator to your woman's mental ferment, that doesn't mean you turn a blind eye to her. Wait for the storm to relent, and when it does, sit her down and communicate with her.
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