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Make Her Go Awww! These are the Things Girls Like to Hear

Things Girls Like to Hear
Girlfriend, "Tell me what I mean to you and why you love me." The boyfriend breaks a sweat. Sounds familiar? Do you find it difficult to tell your girl what she means to you? Are you tongue-tied when she asks you how she's looking? For all you boys out there, let's talk about the things to say that will make your lady smile. Yes, it is indeed possible to make us happy. You just need to know the right words, and of course, did I mention, mean them.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
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"It's only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away." Boyzone surely won the hearts of a million girls all over the world with this song 'Words'. Science teaches us that boys and girls are wired differently when it comes to most things, including emotions and love. This puts many guys into trouble, as they find it difficult to express their feelings to their lady love. So what do you say when cupid strikes, when your girl is looking so gorgeous that it makes you weak in the knees, when she is sad and it kills you to see her cry, or when you are just simply happy to have her in your life. What better way to get an answer to these, than to ask women!
Dear men all over the world, do not roll your eyes at the mention of cliches. They really do work if used correctly and said with true feelings. Keep it simple and tell her upfront, she'll appreciate your honesty and courage.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
No matter how much we deny, we all have a mushy side to us, and whether we make it obvious or not is really not important. Now, saying cute things once in a while is really not going to damage your manliness, is it.
You are the reason
Your smile
Breakfast's ready, hon!
"Breakfast's ready, hon!" on a lazy Sunday morning, when you feel inclined to oversleep the most, just after you wake up!
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actions speak louder than words
There are some of us that live by the 'actions speak louder than words' rule. A lot goes into making a relationship work. And sometimes, just saying the words is not enough. You have got to make your woman feel special as well.
"I have many friends. But you know what sets you apart? I really like you. Making you smile is my most favorite thing to do."
Not all women are obsessed with fairy tales, as most guys like to believe. A majority of the fairer sex is also blessed with the virtue of practicality. So, if you are with a girl who has her head firmly placed on her shoulders, the rule is simple, keep it realistic.
"You're the Calvin to my Hobbes!"
It's time to put in some effort and get creative, boys! Intelligence is quite a turn on for most women. Want to impress a woman belonging to this category? Using old and copied lines is surely not your answer. What you need is, to get those gray cells working.
Keep It Short & Sweet
Contrary to popular belief, girls are not very complicated. We may really enjoy our occasional, materialistic shopping sprees, but when it comes to love, simplicity is the key. Simple gestures, like calling back when you said you'd call later, mean a lot to us. If you have already confessed how you feel about her, that should be no reason to stop saying special things. Every girl will agree that an unexpected 'I love you' or sweet things said by their special someone, can really make their day!
"I spent the whole day with you, and it's been just a few minutes that I've been away but I've already started missing you!"
"Tell us you can't think of surviving a day without us, and we'll give you our everything. A man who can lie enough to make a woman happy is THE one."
We all have those days when just nothing seems right. All we want to do is cuddle up to our man and have him pamper us. These are the days when we do not want to hear practical stuff. Trust me when I say, what we want you guys to do is, to hold us close and lie to us. Yes, that's right. Tell us everything is going to be okay even if it isn't.
Sweet terms like gorgeous, beautiful, princess. Used in moderation, these make a girl happy.
Compliment. If a girl makes the effort to dress up for you, your compliment will make her feel like the effort paid off.
Appreciate. It will boost her confidence to know you believe in her and that you appreciate when she goes out of her way to do small things for you.
Get naughty! Now this one is strictly for the guys who have already won the heart of their special girl. If you are on your way to meet her, text her saying you cannot wait to take her in your arms or that the rains make you want to kiss her...
Insecurity and jealousy are known to ruin a relationship. It is important to express what she means to you and where she stands in your life. Tell her why she is different from all the other girls in your life.
Woodrow Wyatt once said, A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears. The man really got it right! If you've found the one you love, say it, express yourself, and never let her go.