Tips to Impress a Girl on Facebook Chat

Is the girl of your dreams playing too hard to get? It's time to chase the girl and impress her, on Facebook chat! The tips and tricks mentioned in this post will help you strike the right cord, so read on!
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Keep her hooked!
Get past the typical "what's up?!" and "how was your day?" conversations. To spice things a little, play games like 21 questions, have you ever?, would you rather?, etc.
Impressing a girl is not easy. It takes all your charm and wit to swoop her off her feet. Social networking sites have definitely made the task a wee bit easier. Sometimes it is easier to say what you feel virtually, as you may get nervous doing so face-to-face.

You can chat with a random girl, or some friend of a friend who has caught your eye, or your school or college buddy or even an office colleague. Impressing a girl you know may be a little easier since, she will at least give you a chance, but what if you are smitten by a complete stranger and want to impress her through Facebook chat. Quite a task, but whatever your case be, we are here to help your distressed soul.
Tips to Impress HER
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  • The first scenario is, you don't know each other, but you are interested in getting to know her. So you send her a friend request and she declines it. Ouch! But isn't it obvious? Why should she accept your request? Most girls get such requests from random guys all the time, why should she accept yours then? What makes you so special? You may be very good-looking, but that may not be sufficient to pique her interest, buddy.
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  • short and interesting message along with the friend request will do the trick. Make it different, and not creepy or cheesy. Try not to come across as some kind of stalker (most probably that's what you were doing though!). In case you have a lot of mutual friends, comment on some status or photo of a mutual friend. Do make a witty comment, that will get you noticed. You can refer to her comment, and start an indirect conversation. You can give her a compliment, but don't try too much flattery. Girls can quickly understand when you are being fake just to impress her. You must have checked her groups and likes, so use that knowledge.
  • So finally she accepts your friend request (phew), but now the real task begins. It's time to win her heart. The most important advice,take it slow. Don't go on to ask her out immediately the next day. Unless she is totally smitten by you, in just one conversation (which is unlikely for most girls), she will say no. You should invest some time in getting to know her better. This will also give you some time to gauge if she is really interested in taking things forward.
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  • The second scenario is you do know each other through work, college, school, or have met at some party or function. She will obviously accept your request then (unless you have already scared her by coming on too strongly!). If you meet everyday or pretty often, you will have loads to talk on Facebook chat. You can discuss simple things about school or work, ask her about her day, etc. If she seemed upset or unwell, ask her what happened. Girls do dig such stuff, and she will start feeling comfortable talking to you.
  • Don't forget to flirt. I know that advice isn't really needed, but in an effort to be all nice and good, you may end up getting stuck in the dreaded friend zone! And I assume that is not what you intend to do.
Things You MUST Remember
  • Your profile is the main medium of catching her attention. Update your photos regularly, add some interesting pics, that will give a peek into your very happening life. Yeah, on Facebook anybody can make their life look interesting! Your statuses should be witty and funny, not cheesy or crass. You may not chat with each and everyday, but these will connect you to each other. Another thing all those over-excited men gotta remember is, do not video call her immediately. You will come across as some kind of a creep.
  • If the girl is part of some social group, then you can join the same, and be active on it. Doing something intelligent and socially relevant will impress her more than just sweet nothings. Try to be a good friend to truly impress the girl you like. She should actually start looking forward to chatting with you. Let her share all the happenings of her life, win her trust, and be her confidant. It is all about building that mutual bond. There may be tons of boys trying to woo your girl, so you need to constantly think of doing something different yet meaningful. You can also become friends with her close friends, as this will give you ample opportunities to get to know her better.
  • Girls love surprises, so don't fall into some predictable chatting routine. You can manipulate her by talking to her everyday for a week, and then disappearing for a couple of days. This will pique her interest, and she will be tempted to ping you herself. Observe these subtle changes in her behavior, which will help you understand that even she is falling for you. Did she get a little annoyed when you did not reply to her immediately? If yes, good going! Do remember the little things she mentions, and ask her questions about those, after a few days. This will surely make her realize that she is not just some kind of pastime, but you indeed care. Remember her exams, presentation dates, or any other important events in her life, and wish her all the best. If she was talking about buying a gift for her mother's birthday, remember the date, and convey best wishes to her mum. These small actions will play a significant role in bringing you closer.
  • As soon as you see she is online, you message her. Don't you have a life buddy? That is exactly what she'll be thinking. It gives the impression that you were just waiting for her to come online. Girls like a little mystery and a little chase will spice things a little. Do not under any circumstances appear too eager too please her.
  • Comment on her pictures and status updates, but don't go overboard, and avoid using cheesy pick-up lines or dialogs. Do not comment on every photo or status update of hers or like each and every post that she shares. Posting huge cheesy comments is a strict no-no. I mean, come on, the girl will start taking you for granted, and what's the fun in that! Do not lose the surprise element, guys.
The best thing you can do to win the heart of the girl you like is, be honest and truthful. If she feels she knows the genuine you, there's no need of any tips. Turn on the charm and make her fall for you!
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