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What Attracts Women

What Attracts Women? Many Things, But Originality Tops the List

If you haven't had your luck with women yet, here's all you need to know about what attracts women.
Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Last Updated: Dec 14, 2018
Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and it commands the higher price.
- Jean Baudrillard
Attraction is a subjective phenomenon. As much as it may rely upon your finesse in the art of seduction, it heavily rests upon the object of seduction. The equation of seduction is composed of a variable and a constant.
The law of attraction is an elusive law, involving the play of certain dynamic variables and unfathomable constants! You are the variable as your behavior, tactics and personal charms are the only things you can control and modify according to the situation.
The object of your fancy, i.e., the lady in question, is the constant as there is only that much effort you can put in to influence her inclination towards your charms - the final success of your efforts depends upon her, based upon whether she liked what she saw or not! Tricky, isn't it? Well, it is, sort of.
However, we can answer certain aspects of the titular question based upon generalized observations and basic feminine preferences. Let's make an attempt towards delineating certain aspects of men that appeal to women, in context of dating, on a general note.
What Attracts Women to Men
The following points throw some light on what women find attractive in a man and what, according to a woman, a man MUST possess to rank high on the appeal-o-meter!
Man putting on some cologne on his face
This comes as an absolute first but that doesn't mean you need to spend 5 hours at a stretch, soaking in the tub! Take care of the basic grooming needs like taking bath and brushing your teeth daily, clipping your nails, exfoliating your skin regularly, etc.
A neat, hygienic looking man would always win the ground with the ladies in contrast to an expensively dressed but shabby looking man with foul body odor! In case you wish to retain your stubble, use a beard grooming gel to keep that hairy patch looking tidy.
Hanging out at a juice bar
The fact that you possess a sharp intellect translates into you being a smart decision maker - that's how women interpret an intelligent man!
We all know what talkers women can be and an intelligent man is assumed to be good at holding intellectually stimulating and meaningful conversation. That would really score high with the ladies, don't you think?
Indeed, if you have ever wondered what attracts women to older men, it is none other than intellect and maturity. Money, power, experience and authority are just fringe benefits!
Body Language
This is a tight rope walk, guys! Your body language must exude confidence without overdoing it! You must appear completely assured of yourself without appearing smug!
Couple on a romantic date
Couple the confidence with a warm smile and bingo! Even if you don't get a date, you'll definitely make a great impression and who knows who else is watching you (wink)?
Sound old-fashioned as it may, women love being pampered and most women absolutely adore being with guys who can play the perfect gentleman at formal and social occasions. Stuff like holding the door open for her, pulling the chair out, etc., still invoke inaudible sighs of appreciation from the femmes!
Get Friendly
Before you attempt to get that arm of yours around her waist, get friendly with her. Talk about common interests to open her up to your company. Listen to her worries.
Man sharing secrets
Share small secrets and talk about your individual concerns and opinions about general things, like, say, politics, fashion, sports, movies, etc. Once you connect mentally, the rest would be a cakewalk.
Make attempts to venture beyond physical attraction to capture the heart of your lady. Rest assured, she would be telling radiant things about you to her gang of girls!
Clothing, Hairstyle, Body Art
Couple choosing shirt and necktie
You'll really have to find out what kind of clothes and hairstyles she likes on guys before dishing out those bucks for that expensive patent leather jacket or going for those intense tattoos or piercings!
Women love fragrance! Wear something subtle yet masculine and you are sure to floor her with your masculine sensuality. Keep some of the best cologne to attract women in your collection and floor her every time you meet!
Young Couple in Love Admiring Each Other
Also, the fact that you appear well-groomed and smell good reveals that you value yourself and make decent efforts to maintain yourself without going over the top!
Be Yourself
Couple sharing media in a smart phone in a park
Last but not the least, be yourself, be original! Make sure the girl is attracted to YOU and not someone you pretend to be! Most women find originality refreshing in men and your true victory would be that which you achieved being yourself!
That was a generalized overview of what women find attractive in men. Other than following these basic social canons, the way you carry yourself and your personal charm factor are the most important weapons in your armory of seduction! Be alert to her body language though, without relying completely on what she says.
Take in the physical signs of attraction very carefully before you move on to the next level. Sometimes a woman may appear to take interest in your conversation just as a matter of politeness.
Remember, signs of attraction from men are pretty easy to decipher than signs of attraction from women - hence you need to read between the lines to catch whether she is as much into you. Keep sharpening these weapons from time to time and use them discriminately - you'll be sure to attract nothing but the diamond from among all the rubies and emeralds!