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Here's How to Craft the Perfect Apology Letter to Your Girlfriend

Apology Letter to Girlfriend
If you want to know how to write an apology letter to your girlfriend, you do not have to go to a love guru. You simply need to keep a few basic things in mind while drafting the letter; after all it is your own relationship which you need to mend.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Many times, in all relationships, small disputes and differences spring up and may end up with stressful and awful fights. These type of situations might last for weeks or even a few months. If the differences are not sorted out, they may burst out later, even after a few years, and eventually the circumstances can get worse. In such a scenario, it can break trust and belief in a relationship. The primary aspect is that if the relationship is very significant for an individual then it is better to resolve and sort out the differences as early as possible and create a healthy relationship once again.
One of the best methods to clear up the differences and solve relationship issues and problems in a love relation is to write an apology letter to your girlfriend. This can be done to open up a discussion which would allow both individuals to bring out matters that were responsible for all the hard feelings. Before starting to write the apology letter, you should understand that the major concern is to apologize. You should be true and honest while writing the letter.
How to Write an Apology Letter to Your Girlfriend
You can separate sections in the apology letter, with the first being a sorry letter, and the second being a small love poem. The length of the letter can be as long as you desire, depending on the feelings you want to express. Just ensure that it covers up all details that you need to send across.

In certain cases, a few heartfelt sentences would be appropriate, while in some situations, there can be a need for writing pages. But then again, it all counts on how sincere and true you feel about the apology. Here are the main points that you should include in an apology letter to your girlfriend.

  • The apology letter should have one paragraph relating to the events which let to the condition that made you write the letter.
  • It should have a paragraph that includes your feelings as to why you wanted to draft the letter. For instance, convey that you are missing your girlfriend's company, or that you are not happy when she is not with you and so on.
  • There should be a paragraph that says what you would do to make it up with her, and state how much you look forward to the future with her.
  • Complete the apology letter with a true and sincere 'I love you' and write your name with a running hand.
  • Now, just below the letter, write a poem or find a classical love poem. In such situations, it is always recommended to write your own composed poem.
  • Writing your own poem gives an impression that you sincerely took out time to express what you felt, and the gesture would really be appreciated.

Remember that the apology letter is written to make her feel that you are truly sorry, and that you mean it. The letter should give her a long-lasting impression that this relationship means a lot to you, and that you really love her. While placing the apology letter for her to find, you can keep on the letter a small red rose or a picture of both of you'll in good times.
Sample Apology Letter to Girlfriend
Here is a sample apology letter that you can take inspiration from to form your own apology letters. A small piece of advice, if your girlfriend happens to find out that you have simple copied a letter from the Internet as your sorry letter, you will be in worse trouble than before. Therefore, use the following as just a guideline to write your own personal letter.

Dearest (Girlfriend's Name),

I know that we have been going through hard times lately, and so I decided to write this letter to show how much I care for and love you. I know you are upset with what happened, but I also want you to know how I feel. You mean the whole world to me and I really get sad when you are hurt. I am sorry for the mistakes I have made, and I promise not to repeat them and try not to make any new ones in our future.

I am trying to improve on the bad qualities and habits I have, which hurt you. I think you are the best girl for me, and I am certainly blessed with your company. For the mistakes I have made, I am learning the hard way. All of it taught me something; what it would take for me to be the best man in your life.

You mean a lot to me, and I just cannot afford to lose you. You can talk to me whenever you think is the correct time, but until then, please take care of yourself.

Loads of Love/I Love You, (Your Name)
Try to compose a short poem about your love for her. It'll be a great addition to your apology letter.
This is just a typical way of drafting an apology letter to a girlfriend. In more or less the same manner, you can write your poem according to the circumstances, your feelings, her anticipation, and your style.