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Proposing on the Beach

Lovely and Innovative Ideas for Proposing on the Beach

Have you ever thought of proposing your better half on the beach? Well, if you haven't, you should really consider it! Here are some ideas for proposing on the beach.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Okay, so you're planning to pop the question to your loved one, and you want to make it special and one of a kind. So, instead of getting excited or a tad nervous, all you're doing is sitting on a chair and scratching your head, thinking of new ways to do it (propose, that is). You're armed with a pen and a sheet of paper, but all you've done so far is cross out the possibility of proposing on the giant screen at the upcoming basketball game, or putting your ring in her champagne glass, or in her slice of chocolate cake, or in her fortune cookie, or in any other done-to-death proposal accessory.
You believe in being different, and the same applies to your concept of romantic proposal ideas and plans as well. Now if I may ask you so, have you ever given thought to the idea of proposing your girlfriend/boyfriend on the beach? Well, if you have, then good for you! And if you haven't, then you might as well read ahead to get some really interesting beach proposal ideas; the very different ideas that you were on the lookout for.
Idea #1
Let's start off with something simple and uncomplicated. A quiet late night walk along the seashore with your loved one, feeling the soft sand tickle your toes underneath as you walk together hand-in-hand under the moonlit sky, listening to the soothing melody created by the gentle sound of sea waves breaking onto the seashore ... who wouldn't like such a beautifully romantic setting for a marriage proposal! Now, here's how you could pop the question at the right moment. As you walk together hand-in-hand, keep an eye out for the precise moment when the moon is just about to disappear behind a set of clouds. As soon as that happens, and leads to a little bit of resultant darkness, bring out the box from your side pocket and pop it open so that the magnificent engagement ring is the only thing that shines at that particular moment. Use that very moment to say what it is that you have planned to say (your proposal line, that is). In case you don't have anything prepared, here is something to get you started. (Please note that the following quatrain is for illustration purpose only).

On this night, as this ring does shine,
With all my heart, I say this line,
With you alone, I want to wine and dine,
So for a lifetime of love, will you be mine?
Idea #2
You can think of a 'treasure trail' as a proposal idea. Start by collecting plenty of seashells (in various sizes and colors). Have a friend assist you with this plan. Head out to the seashore a few hours before sunset. Place all the seashell in a long, wavy line along the stretch of the seashore, such that the length of the 'sea-shelled' path is a hundred meters at least. Try to make this a curved path and not a straight one. At the start of the path, place a handwritten note which says something like "Ahead lies a big treasure" or something similar. Draw a large heart into the sand at the other end of the sea-shelled path and outline it with candles. Obviously, you will need to protect every candle with a glass covering so that the wind doesn't put out the flame. Inscribe a message, such as "Here lies my heart, and you're the only one in it" or something similar inside the body of the drawn heart. Now, when it's dark, bring along your loved one to the beach under the pretext of a late night walk. Nonchalantly walk towards the start of the sea-shelled path so that the endless line of sea-shells catches her eye. Once she reads the handwritten note at the start of the path, if she's the naturally curious type, she may want to explore it herself; or else she may require a little coaxing from your side. When eventually she reaches the end of the path and reads the message inside the candlelit heart, you can quietly take her hand and slip in the ring!
For those of you who would prefer short, sweet, and simple ways to propose, here are a few more engagement and marriage proposal ideas, on the beach:
  • Hide the ring in an oyster shell along with a small handwritten note, and set things up in such a way that your loved one discovers the oyster shell accidentally.
  • Select a nice peaceful place to sit and watch the sun go down. As the sun sets ablaze the aquatic horizon in a sea of orange, slip in the ring and ask her if she would like the idea of watching every sunset together for the rest of your lives.
  • Another idea (and a common one) is to propose at the end of an enjoyable candlelight dinner in a beach-side restaurant. The gentle sound of the waves breaking onto the shore, a guitarist strumming in the background, a bottle of fine wine, and a diamond ring! It could make for a great setting indeed!
Well, these were a few romantic ideas you can take help from if you have decided to tie the knot with your significant other. I hope they have given you something to think about. All the best with your proposal!
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