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Best Cologne to Attract Women

Best Cologne to Attract Women

Going for a date with your lady love but don't know which cologne to wear? Read on to know the colognes that attract the ladies, along with some tips for choosing the most effective one.
Kanika Khara
Though men know different ways to attract a woman, what they usually ignore is the cologne they use which can either attract a woman or can completely turn her off. A pleasant, soothing scent of your perfume can work as an irresistible force that can draw the attention of any woman. As the fragrance can make her recall the past events or can arouse her sexually, whichever cologne you choose ensure that its fragrance make her lean closer to you for a whiff, rather than forcing her to run away from you. Hence, when it comes to picking the best cologne to attract the fairer sex there are a few points that need special attention.

Research shows that most women usually like cologne that has a subtle to mildly strong scent. Hence, avoid using a cologne that has a strong and stinky smell. Also do not stick to one cologne, use two to three colognes in rotation so that your lady love will not be able to predict what you'll be smelling like. This will reflect your spontaneous nature and style which she won't be able to resist.

For a long-lasting effect, do not apply the cologne to your clothes as after a few hours the fragrance fades. Hence, apply cologne to the areas of the body that produce more body heat like the insides of your wrists, side of your neck, and behind the ears. Do not spray, but dab the liquid on your neck, wrist and ears. Another way is to spray in the air and just walk in to it to give your clothes an overall good smell. Test it on yourself by spritzing a bit on your skin and then wear it for the entire day to see its effect.

Best Colognes to Attract Attention

Kitone by Kiton
Known for its fresh, seducing scent, this cologne was launched in 1996. Considered to be the best for young men, it has an elegant and masculine fragrance. It comes in lemon, bergamot, musk, lily of valley, violet and many more. It is best for evening wear and usually costs up to USD 58.6.

Bvlgari Black by Bvlgari
This one is another great cologne for men which was launched in 1998. This cologne gives a refreshing, woody and musky fragrance which is best suited for daytime wear and can cost up to USD 28.

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani
The cologne has a sophisticated and masculine fragrance that possesses a distinctive mix of fresh lemon and bergamot softened with tinge of orange tree blossom, warmed with soothing guaiac wood, and tonka bean. Having a seductive scent, this designer perfume suits best for daytime wear and can cost you up to USD 45.

Envy by Gucci
The cologne was introduced by Gucci in 1988, and since then it has been known for its refreshing, spicy and masculine fragrance. Usually recommended for day wear, its scent possesses a unique blend of amber, cedar, nutmeg and ginger and may cost up to USD 38.80.

Pherlure is a tested and recommended pheromone product which is subtle and gives out a great fragrance. Reports claim that this cologne stimulates an aphrodisiac effect in your partner, and so can help men attract women.

Beside these awesome colognes, Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein, Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren, Gucci Nobile, etc., are some more notable ones. So pick any of these colognes and make your woman go weak in her knees.