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Best Jeans for Men 2018

Best Jeans for Men 2018
We will give you the scoop on which jeans are making it big on the wardrobe must-haves list for the upcoming year!
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018

The company Levi's, was the first to put together a collection of blue denims, that made it big, back in 1873, by collaborators Levis Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis. Vogue magazine was the first to show off the new collection of Levi's Jeans for women, which later caught on with both sexes.

It came in classic blue, and brown cotton, with the latter not lasting very long in the market due to its inability to become soft and comfortable like its blue denim counterpart. Worldwide, people bow down to a pair of jeans, with Levi's still making it big among denim lovers.

Levi's aims at making jeans modern, comfortable, flattering and above all, affordable. Without a good pair of jeans, you'd be handicapped and your wardrobe would be missing a piece of clothing that anyone who's everyone, would be crazy not to own. A man more than a woman, needs a pair of denims on hand because it goes with practically anything.

Diesel is another well-respected powerhouse that specializes in jeans among other things. They also have an impressive selection of jeans creations, that you wouldn't want to surpass when you stumble upon their online store, or an outlet.

How to Select Jeans for Men

Knowing exactly which pair of denims would keep you fitted for years, is what you need to know in this rule book on how to pick out the perfect pair.

Stick to the Basics
Every guy should know that jeans for men, come in perfect cuts of either straight, slim, slim/straight, straight/relaxed, standard, classic, or relaxed. Ask the salesperson what they think would suit your body type, and which shade would seem befitting. If they turn out to be unhelpful, you need to take along a friend if you lack the experience of picking out a pair of denims by yourself. Bootcut and straight leg jeans are the two best fits for men.

You need to erase the thought of buying bell-bottoms, and move along if you ever spot one of these fashion disasters in a store. Also, watch out for the awful baggy jeans that haunt stores till date. Stick to what's clean and sartorially pleasing, with obvious made-to-fit perfection. Go to brands that are highly acclaimed for their well-fit jeans; don't compromise on quality when shopping for jeans.

The Fit is Everything
If a pair of jeans doesn't suit you, it doesn't look great on you. So the next time you head on out to buy a pair of denims, make sure they aren't too tight, especially around the crotch and waist. It is true that buying slightly tighter jeans can loosen up when you wear them often, but after washing them you can't be too sure about that point (follow the instructions given on how to wash these, on the label).

So make certain that they are a little loose, but not too airy. Be sure to also turn around and check your tush out, to see if the jeans complement it or ruin its overall shape.

Old School Colors Work Best

The color blue and its hues never go out of style, and isn't likely to either. In both women's as well as men's clothing, a pair of blue denims is always the best choice than others that come in unflattering colors. Black works fine, but tends to camouflage curves, making you look unshapely. Blue hues, slightly faded blue, and unwashed blue score high in the denim color chart. Again, always follow instructions given with the denims on how to wash them, to keep them in shape for a long time.

The best thing about a good pair of jeans, is that when mixed and coupled with other articles of clothing, the flawless look works every single time. Wearing it with either a formal shirt or boots, dress shoes, sneakers, casual tees, leather jackets or even a suit jacket, can work wonders for a look you're trying to pull off.

Top Brands for Denims
So now that you know what to look out for when hunting stores for a pair of denims, let's look at some of the most popular brands:
  • Levi's
  • Diesel
  • J Brand
  • Rock & Republic
  • Banana Republic
  • Monarchy
  • True Religion
  • Lucky Brand
  • Evisu
  • 7 for All Mankind
  • Citizens of Humanity
  • Spurr
  • Wrangler
  • H&M
  • Agave Denim
  • Nudie
  • GAP
  • Buckle
  • American Eagle
  • Stitch's
  • Lee

There are a lot of companies no doubt that make a good pair of jeans that can pull off an everlasting fashion trend, but the ones that will leave their mark, are those that are rooted for time and time again.

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