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Does She Like Me Quiz

Check Out This 'Does She Like Me' Quiz to Know if She Adores You

Here is a 'does she like me quiz' that most boys would want to take! Why? Because it has 40 questions; taking you closer to knowing whether she likes you, or doesn't! Hurry up, and find out.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
When I see your face, there's not a thing I would change...except the direction I'm walking in. ~ Author Unknown

Does she like me? Does she think of me as just a friend? Is she attracted to me? Maybe yes, Maybe not. Does she at least like me as a person? Stop! You are just asking yourself the same questions again and again; questions that can irritate the hell out of anyone. They're only going to make you more restless than before. How can you really ever know whether she likes you? No common friends, no mobile number, not chat buddies even. Nothing. By now you must have searched the entire Internet for various quizzes, right? And of course, taken them all. Well, this is just another one, but wait, it's different. Find out how!

Answer the questions below, one by one. You have been given three options for each; the same for all questions. Tick one box for every question that you answer. Once you're done, add the tick marks in every column and write the total towards the end. At the end of this article, you will be told the answer. The questions below, are in a way, signs a girl likes you; or has a crush on you. Let's start with the quiz, and eventually find out.

Does She Like Me Quiz for Boys

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Sr. No.QuestionsYesNoMaybe
1She smiles every time she sees you.
2She makes it a point to come and say hello.
3She tries to make you jealous by chatting with other guys.
4She has that blushed look every time you talk to her.
5She is quieter than usual when you are around.
6She tells everyone that she likes you as a friend.
7She never says 'No' to anything you say.
8She always makes it a point to sit nearby.
9She makes sure you are present in class by asking around.
10She gives you those glances more than just too often.
11She remembers details of all your conversations.
12She calls you by your nickname.
13She looks at you every time you smile or laugh.
14She answers all personal questions you ask her.
15She blushes when people talk of you both as a couple.
16She plays a lot with her hair when you are around.
17She leans towards you when you have to say something.
18She talks to you more often than she does to other friends.
19She playfully punches you every time she gets a chance.
20She never rejects if you offer her a lift.
21She always offers you anything that she eats/drinks.
22She discusses stupid homework with you.
23She asks for some kind of help whenever you talk.
24She gets you a card or flowers on friendships day.
25She asks you what you like and don't like, often.
26She appreciates small gestures you do, time and again.
27She tries to say things that make you happy and smile.
28She reacts spontaneously to everything you say or want to do.
29She talks a lot about dating with you.
30She turns back in her seat more than often, if you're sitting behind.
31She smiles every time she turns around.
32She tries not-so-obviously praising you in front of friends.
33She makes it obvious she doesn't like girls who flirt with you.
34She compliments you often on just about anything.
35She always wants to sit next to you in class, or a movie even.
36She sends you beautiful text messages on her own; just like that.
37She dedicates songs to you, or rejoices when you do the same.
38She gifts small things to you for no reason, without an occasion.
39She sulks when you don't reply to her messages, or ignore her unknowingly.
40She mentions time and again, how she would love to date someone like you!

Are you done with the total? Okay, these are your answers:

Answer to most questions is 'Yes': she obviously does like you!
Answer to most questions is 'No': she obviously does not like you!
Answer to most questions is 'Maybe': take the quiz again after 10 days.

That really was a simple quiz, wasn't it? If you really did get a lot of 'maybes', try to woo her a little more, and things might just get better! If you don't make a move quick, she might think you aren't interested; therefore shifting you to the 'friends only' category. Yes, girls do that. Take some time, and think about what you want to do. Until then, share this quiz with your friends, and find out how it goes for them! Best Of Luck!