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Compliments for Women

Get the Ladies Blushing With These Compliments for Women

The right compliments for women will prove to be icebreakers and will get you to start a conversation easily. If you are looking for some unique compliments that will get them blushing, then the following article will prove to be a social revelation for guys.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Compliments are one of the easiest ways that you can use to make a woman feel special. When you compliment your wife, girlfriend or the attractive girl you just met at the bar, it helps you build a good rapport with them. Compliments for women help you tap the most important trait in women - vanity! Can a woman resist an attractive man telling her she looks fabulous? Compliments for girls help men break the ice and get the women more interested in them. Sadly, most of the macho souls lack the ability to give compliments naturally. This makes them look like fakes and women do not give such people a second look. This article will cover some tips that will help you come to know of some unique compliments, that will soon have the damsels eating out of your hand.
Ways to Compliment a Woman
Compliment is an expression of your opinion regarding another individual, that makes them smile and feel happy about themselves. However, women tend to be a bit cautious when men give compliments to them. If you do it in the wrong way, it may be misinterpreted and women will jump to assumptions fearing the worse. Thus, giving compliments to women is easier said than done and one needs to exert certain precautions to hit the right notes. You need to choose your words carefully and deliver them in a way that they do not sound fake or flicker the alert antenna of a woman. If you step on the wrong foot and come up with some of the worst pick up lines, be ready to get a slap in return, or spend time sitting alone in the bar with a can of beer. So let us see some easy steps that will help you give compliments that help you get a place in their heart.
First, you need to sound sincere. You may be a multimillionaire, but do not make the whole compliment sound like 'I, Me and Myself'. You are talking about her, so speak about her. Do not go overboard with your compliment by comparing her to Marylin Monroe when she is aware she is a plain Jane. However, if you have met a girl who looks like the goddess of beauty, make sure you compliment her generously.
If you are taking your date for a ball or prom night, she must be nervous about her looks. This time you need to make sure you give her the right compliments that not only flatter her but reassure her that all is well. Do not go overboard as it will make her suspect something is wrong and you are just complimenting to cover it up. You can read and also use some flattering pick up lines as compliments.
You should compliment your wife or girlfriend on a regular basis. It does not matter whether she is dressed like a diva or is all haggard after a hard day handling the children. You can compliment her on the tasty dinner she just cooked or the fact that she looks beautiful when she least expects it.
If you meet someone at a bar for the first time, do not use sexual context when complimenting. It will just make you look like a weirdo who is out on a hunt. Make sure you maintain eye contact while delivering your compliment. Maintain the tone of your voice to the level of sincerity. Do not make your compliment sound like sarcasm or as if you are making fun of her. You need to observe her body language and the signs that show she is warming up to you. You can then come up with some great pick up lines that will help you start a conversation with her. Let us now see some romantic compliments for women that will help you create a spark of interest in the damsel you like.
Romantic Compliments Examples
The following are a few romantic compliments that you can use in case of a long-term relationship. You can seduce your wife or girlfriend with these romantic compliments that is different from the usual, 'I love you'.
  • "You always look good to me..."
  • "You make me a better person just by being around. Stay close to me, let's see how good I can get."
  • "The best moments of my day are with you. Let's make this moment the best of them all."
  • "I connect the truest part of my being to you. When I forget who I really am, all I have to do is look at you to remember."
  • "I never want you to stop loving me."
  • "You make me feel like I am on top of the world!"
  • "I love your smile and the way you make me smile."
  • "I love the way you hold me."
  • "You make me feel like the luckiest guy in the world."
  • "You look fantastic."
Unique Compliments
When approaching women for the first time at a party or social gathering, make sure you come up with some unique compliments. You can try to use some of the following unique compliments and will get women interested in knowing you better.
  • "Besides meeting you, I had an awful time."
  • "You are so beautiful; I could just look at you all day"
  • "I wish I would've met you sooner."
  • "You know, you're gorgeous."
  • "You have amazing eyes."
One Word Compliments
If you are a man of few words, then the following one word compliments for women will help you get a second glance from an attractive girl.
  • "Nice"
  • "Smart"
  • "Hi, Beautiful"
  • "Hey, Gorgeous"
  • "Hello, Sunshine"
  • "Sweet"
  • "Hey, Butterfly"
  • "Love"
These are just a few examples of compliments for women. You can come up with your own compliments that you feel aptly describe the beautiful lady. You need to be honest with your compliments as women have the ability to sort out genuine compliments from fake ones. Do not sugarcoat your compliments so much, that it gives her diabetes! I hope this article has helped you find the right words to deliver and get closer to the woman you like.
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