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How to Tell if a Woman Likes You

See How You Can Tell if a Woman Likes You: She Clearly Indicates It

If you are clueless about whether or not she really likes you, here's an eye-opener. Learn the subtle clues that females drop by, to make you know that they are interested.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Trying to read the mind of a woman is treading into clueless territory for most men. It is tough to gauge what that enigmatic smile actually means. While it may be a passing gesture for her, you may spend a whole night thinking about it.
Knowing how to tell if a woman likes you may save you a walk down many blind alleys, closed doors, and prevent a lot of embarrassment. I don't claim to be a love guru or an authority in relationship matters, but what I share here is my experience from my encounters with the feminine kind.
The pointers shared here aren't rules set in stone and they may not apply to every woman, as every one of them is unique. They are too complex to be typecasted into categories and how a woman might choose to show her affection or liking for you is unpredictable. Still, you can consider these tips to be rough guidelines.
How to Tell if She Likes You For Real?
Say you know this girl who sends you into a tizzy with her smile and makes your heart skip a beat. You find yourself staring or gawking at her for no apparent reason. She is friendly enough with you; however, you are not sure about how she feels about you. You may know her as a classmate or as a colleague at work. The signals she sends you may seem ambiguous. Here are some tips that may clear out your dilemma and rid you of your misery.
Genuine Smile
When a girl wants to get to know you and likes you, she gifts you her most genuine smile, every time you see her. This kind of smile doesn't end at the lips, but extends over to the eyes too. You can see in her eyes that she is happy seeing you. It is an invitation for you to talk to her.
She Drops You a Compliment
Whatever little you may see of her, she always has a kind word or a compliment for you. She may compliment you about your dressing or your looks. She is always 'encouraging' in her approach towards you.
She Tries to Grab Your Attention
She will want to grab your attention as often as she can, without letting it be too obvious. When she likes you, she will try to be discreet in her approaches to grab your attention. She will take initiative to start a conversation. When you message her, she will always reply with express speed.
Her Eyes Are on the Lookout for You
You will notice that she stares at you quite discreetly and when your eyes meet, her eye contact is inviting. Your eye contact often lingers for more than normal, after which she may look down or away.
She Remembers Slightest Details About You
When a girl likes you, she remembers the slightest details you told her about yourself. It may be your birthday that she may remember and call you up. She will want to know more about your interests and your opinions about things and you will know that they matter to her.
She Will Help Out of Initiative
She will often be the one to help you out in any situation, out of her own initiative. She will care for you and at times even fight with people for you.
You Happen to Run Into Her Too Often
I am not saying that she will stalk you but she might bump into you quite often. She will make most of the opportunity to start conversation and carry it on. Some girls may be too shy to start a conversation and wait for you to take the initiative.
Nervous When You Are Around
Although shy girls seem to be becoming increasingly rare, if your girl is of that kind, she will be extremely jittery and nervous when you are around. Your presence might be too overwhelming for them. Some women might even try to ignore you just because they are attracted to you!
She Sulks When You Talk About Other Women
When you talk to her about other women, she may become kind of sulky. You will see the conversation taking a sarcastic turn even! If a woman likes you, while she won't be that demonstrative about it, she won't encourage your wanderings towards other women either.
She Responds To Your Flirting
You may get positive vibes from her when you flirt. You will know that she is interested in getting to know you better. She may also flirt with your best friend just to see the effect it has on you.
There is no surefire way of finding out how she feels about you, other than gathering courage to get her number and asking her out on a date. If interested, she will give it a lot of thought.
Just remember that if she really likes you, she will give you opportunities to get to know her. However, it is you who should take the initiative and respond by taking more interest in her. Let things take their natural course. Don't try to be somebody you are not, to woo her. It will take a lot of time to go from 'likes you' to 'loves you'. You will just 'know' it without anything being said between you two. Don't be in a hurry to blurt out the 'L' word unless you are really sure. When you have reached that point, words will seem unnecessary and the way she looks at you will tell you everything that you need to know.
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