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Cool Jeans for Men

Wondering which are some cool jeans for men according to the latest fashion? How about if we helped you find the hottest jeans of the season? If yes, then keep reading...
MenWit Staff
Just as finding the perfectly fitting jeans is essential for women, today even men are understanding and adopting its value. Any man, regardless of age, has to have at least a pair of jeans in his wardrobe. But with so many brand names and designer jeans, how can you be sure that you're buying the right one for yourself. Of course, to some people, jeans is just another piece of clothing that they can wear at different occasions. On the other hand, looking exceptionally good isn't a bad thing after all. Today men are giving more importance to their looks and the clothes they wear because believe it or not, women notice.
Let's say you're on a date and you happen to wear your favorite pair of jeans. To you they may be the most comfortable and good-fitting jeans. But what if your assumptions are not similar to that of the lady you're with? It might sound shallow to some but most women do make their decisions whether to date a guy or not upon reviewing his clothes. But when you think about it, that idea does make sense. If you take care and pay attention to how you present yourself, the world will notice it and applaud you for the same (not literally). In today's world, when clothes speak a thousand words, why should someone be left behind and wear the same boring clothes over and over again. So guys... wake up and see how you can find some cool jeans and make the right impression.
Cool Designer Jeans for Men
When you have the right shirt or t-shirt to wear with a pair of good jeans, you can literally make the outfit work for you. And quite frankly, there's no need for a designer or stylist to help you get things right. But on the other hand, with the perfect fitting jeans, there's no need to be overly critical or cautious with what you wear over them; because no matter what you wear, chances are, you can actually pull off the look. So what's new in 2011 in terms of jeans? Let's find out.
  • 7 for All Mankind ~ Obviously, 7 for All Mankind was definitely on the list as this brand has made quite a name for itself. Their jeans have a natural fitting look to it and they look absolutely classic.
  • Abercrombie & Fitch ~ Excellent fitting jeans, good quality, and they also have a huge collection of jeans. It's the jeans for every occasion.
  • EDUN ~ Slightly on the expensive side, EDUN jeans is in, hip, and very hot. Plus, when you buy these jeans, you'll be helping support Africa inversely.
  • French Connection ~ Producing some of the best jeans, French Connection jeans fit you right. You can choose from casual to skinny jeans; definitely worth the style.
  • Lee ~ It's impossible not to mention Lee in our list of jeans. This brand doesn't need an introduction; just know that you can't go wrong with this one.
  • Levi's ~ Another top contender in the jeans category, Levi's is definitely the jeans to own and wear. With an excellent collection from 501 Original and 514 Jeans, you've got to buy one of your own.
  • Paige Premium ~ Wear it during the day or when on a date, these jeans look well-crafted, stylish, and comfortable. The perfect choice for every guy.
  • True Religion ~ These jeans have a unique stitch, look good on every guy who wears them, and the fabric is amazing; comfortable, stylish, and sexy.
Apart from these top competitors for hottest jeans for men, there are other designer jeans brands that aren't far behind in the race. Let's see which ones are they.

▪ Calvin Klein
▪ Citizens of Humanity
▪ Diesel
▪ Evisu
▪ Gap
▪ G-Star
▪ LRG Jeans
▪ Lucky
▪ Marc by Marc Jacobs
▪ Mavi Jeans
▪ Paul & Joe
▪ Rag & Bone
▪ Rock & Republic
▪ Tommy Bahama
▪ Tommy Hilfiger Denim
▪ Wrangler
Just wearing designer jeans isn't enough. In order to find awesome jeans for guys, you need to buy a pair that fits you appropriately as well. Not every jeans style and cut can suit everyone. And when you wear the perfect jeans depending on your height and body structure, you will not only look hot but it will seem as if you've lost weight. Trust me. So what are these different jeans styles and cut? Here they are.
  • Bootcut ~ These jeans are to be worn over boots, hence the name, as they fit you around the knees and then get wide near the ankles. Regardless of your body structure, bootcut jeans can be worn by everyone.
  • Flare Leg ~ These jeans fit you just around the knees and then they flare till your ankles. The look is casual and comfort.
  • Loose Fit ~ These jeans are loose from the thighs, knees, and around the ankles. With no grip over the legs, they are the perfect jeans for big thighs.
  • Relaxed Fit ~ These jeans work well for men with a heavier build as they are slightly loose near the waist and thighs. They don't bunch up, and make you look relaxed (duh!).
  • Skinny Jeans ~ These jeans are super skinny as they tightly fit you all through your thighs, knees, and around the ankles. If you have a slim, thin build, then go with the skinny jeans.
  • Slim Fit ~ These jeans hug your thighs and knees as they go down towards the ankles. If you have an athletic, slim build, these jeans are right for you.
  • Straight Cut ~ These jeans have a straight fitting look, hence the name, as they fit you just right at the thighs and knees; they are straight, but not fitting near the ankles. These jeans work well on every male body type.
The best way to find the hottest jeans for yourself, always follow the "trial and error" method. Try different cuts and styles of jeans while you shop and see if you're not making any fashion faux pas. All the best and I hope you find the best jeans for yourself.