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Cool Nicknames for Girls

Nicknames are almost always a norm in most households and most girls will love having one (or many). Searching for some cool nicknames for girls, are you? You've come to the right place then. 'Cause uncommon nicknames for girls is what you'll get in this article (and in abundance, no less). Read on and zero in on some really cool nicknames that you can use for the special girl(s) in your life.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Most girls will absolutely love giving and receiving nicknames. And when I say nicknames, I don't necessarily mean the cheesy, sappy ones that you're thinking of (though those can have a potent effect when used at the right time and place). The thing is, we are often given varied nicknames at various points in our lives - may it be during childhood when parents call us by some really funny nicknames or use the various sounds and funny words that we have just started to utter; or the phase that we go to school and university and our friends start nicknaming us based on our behavioral traits, initials or appearances even. And then there is that slot which is especially reserved for someone we are romantically involved with.
So now that you have that special someone in your life, you want the perfect nickname for her, but for the love of God, you can't really think of anything beyond sweetie, honey and dear. Not to worry. Not to worry at all. 'Cause in the following section we will help you find some really cool nicknames for girls that'll make her feel really special.
Unique Nicknames for Girls
There are several funny nicknames that you can choose for her, simply by observing her general behavior or distinct habits. You can also abbreviate her first or last name, or can choose to call her by her initials as well. So you see? It's not really that tough to come up with good nicknames for girls. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

✰ Abby
✰ Evie
✰ Liona
✰ Cleo
✰ Emme
✰ Addie
✰ Florrie
✰ Gracie
✰ Star
✰ Izzy
✰ Daisy
✰ Jaz
✰ Tessie
✰ Katie
✰ Ginny
✰ Ellie
✰ Kat-Kat
✰ Jules
✰ Juju
✰ Tweety
✰ Edie
✰ Maisie
✰ Kiki
✰ Cookie
✰ Vivi
✰ Vinnie
✰ Snuffly
✰ Dru
✰ Lulu
✰ Tillie
✰ Coco
✰ Rosie
✰ Laylay
✰ Bree
✰ Twinkles
✰ Bea
✰ Drea
✰ Nessa
✰ Pumpkin
✰ Nellie
✰ Lolo
✰ Miss Priss
✰ Bumblebee
✰ Paws
✰ Tiny Toes
✰ Pit-Pit
✰ Bubbles
✰ Bebo
✰ Cherry
✰ Cherry Pie
✰ Gaby Baby
✰ Saki
✰ Sunny
✰ Sparkles
✰ Chilo
✰ Strawberry
✰ Sweetums
✰ Pearl
✰ Kitty
✰ Snuggles
Nicknames for Girlfriends
Giving nicknames and pet names is a sweet gesture that shows affection for another person, so it is quite the common practice to follow this particular habit in a relationship too. A guy can call his girlfriend by any name in the most loving manner to sweep her off her feet. Though there are a few girls who may not like the practice of being given an overly silly or sappy name. So it's important that you take into cognizance her mood and liking before you call her by any nickname that you think is cool. Here are a few cool nicknames for girls to choose from.

✰ Honey
✰ Heartbeat
✰ Ali
✰ Bonchi
✰ Fantasy
✰ Sweetie
✰ Sexy
✰ Pookie Bear
✰ Bubbly
✰ Sweetheart
✰ Gorgeous
✰ Cupcakes
✰ Angel
✰ Doll
✰ Hon
✰ Princess
✰ Pagu
✰ Baberpants
✰ Dove
✰ Lady
✰ Cutie
✰ Lady Love
✰ Babe
✰ CareBear
✰ Little One
✰ Sunshine
✰ Love
✰ Nanu
✰ Cuddles
✰ Poo Bear
✰ Queenie
✰ Babycakes
✰ Bella
✰ Cutie
✰ Cherry Lips
✰ Darling
✰ Precious
✰ Beautiful
✰ Dimples
✰ Cuddle Bunny
✰ Sugar
✰ Boo Boo Bear
✰ Honey Bun
✰ Meow
✰ Pookie
✰ Cuddly Puff
✰ Lovey Dovey
✰ Sugar Mama
✰ Bunny
✰ Honey Bunny
✰ Kuki
✰ Lovie
✰ Smoochie
✰ Mushy Mushy
✰ Puku
✰ Pookie
✰ Kuku
✰ Muffin
✰ Hot Stuff
✰ Mushki
Funny Nicknames for Girls
Choosing funny nicknames is easy if you have known someone for quite a while. Even if you don't know them well, you can easily find some funny nicknames for them by observing their distinct knacks, dressing style or making do with a simple abbreviation of their names. However, make sure the funny nicknames that you give the girls don't humiliate them. Use them in the right spirit.

✰ Boo-Boo
✰ Emma-Wemma
✰ Igloo
✰ Roni
✰ Tofu
✰ Bambi
✰ Eye candy
✰ Fishie
✰ Rum-Rum
✰ Teddy Weddy
✰ Bambina
✰ Emo boo
✰ Fire fly
✰ Stinky
✰ Nosey
✰ Candypants
✰ Fluffer
✰ Jiggly
✰ Spicy
✰ Ribbon
✰ Dilly
✰ Fluffy butt
✰ Mojikoo
✰ Tansy
✰ Revie
✰ Chekeez
✰ Gorda
✰ MooPoo
✰ Tator Tot
✰ Rhino
✰ Coochy
✰ Gogo gums
✰ Nubie
✰ Tootsie
✰ Popsicle
✰ Dorki
✰ Gabby
✰ Nibby
✰ Tinkerbell
✰ Pru
✰ Silly
✰ Chilly Munch
✰ Foo
✰ Hill Billy
✰ Yummer
✰ Golu
✰ Fulula
✰ Yum Bum
✰ Pudding
✰ Rolly
✰ Pudding
✰ Mojito
✰ Mau Mau
✰ Goobers
✰ Fifi
✰ Numnums
✰ Burro
✰ Beany
✰ Iffy-Piffy
The best thing about these good nicknames for girls is that you don't have to stick to just one. You can pick up quite a few and use them all - depending on the situation. And now that you have an abundant supply of some of the best nicknames for girls, let's see you get cracking on finding that perfect one for her.