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Cool Things to Say to a Girl Without Coming Across as a Creep

Cool Things to Say to a Girl
A girl can be hard to approach, especially if she's got her guard up. You can't blame her; most men can be difficult to trust. Nevertheless, there are many cool things to say to a girl without coming off as a creep, especially when you feel that she is worth pursuing.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
When a Girl Interests You
Whether you're in a bar, coffee shop, at a party, in a club or any other social hot spot, you're going to be surrounded by girls. Lots of them. The problem with walking up to one, is not knowing whether she's single or taken. What if her guy is hanging around close by? What if he pops out of nowhere and knocks the daylights out of you? I guess it's all about taking a chance when you initiate your move. There's no better way to find out if she was worth walking to or not, unless you actually go up to her. Once you get her comfortable through a light conversation, you can then try a few cutesy or impressive lines that will leave her interested.
Approaching a Girl
Before you use a pickup line, ask yourself what your prime motive is - is it a casual fling? Or are you genuinely looking for friendship or possibly commitment? Once you sort out your purpose, make your move. Some girls may be offended if you're too direct, so take a cue from things like, what she's wearing and her body language, to get a sense of the kind of person she is. If she's all alone at a party or club, it could be a sign that she's looking for someone to leave with. Then again, don't be too sure that she's alone or not waiting for someone to arrive. Hold on for a bit and observe her every move, then approach her with confidence and poise.
Cool Pickup Lines to Use on a Girl
Is that your boyfriend over there? He sure is one lucky guy.
You are a seriously good cook. Why don't you open your own bakery? I'd be your number one customer. (At a bake off)
I noticed that you've been sitting here all alone. Mind if I buy you a drink? (At a bar)
Care if I join you? I promise I'll be pleasant company.
You look familiar. Have we met? I'm a good friend of the host. Nice to meet you. (At a friend's party)
You are too darn pretty to be sitting at a bar all alone. Next round is on me. (At a bar)
Is this seat taken? I don't like sitting alone for long train rides.
That's a good book. I recently finished reading it myself. Mind if I sit down? (At a library)
It's cold outside. I could give you a lift if you'd like. Don't worry, (friend's name she's familiar with) is coming along. (Leaving a friend's party)
Here, take my umbrella. Wouldn't want you to ruin that gorgeous hair
Can I interest you in some Napa Valley wine? Trust me, it's really good. (At a fine-dining restaurant)
How about joining us for a ski trip next weekend? My family and some close friends will be going. (At a wedding reception)
Hey, would you like to join us for a game of volleyball?
Hey, would you like to go ahead? I don't mind waiting for someone like you to finish. (Line at the ATM)
Hey, you're a Lakers fan? That's crazy! Would you like a beer? (Watching a game in a pub)
It's really crowded in here. Want to get out of this place for a bite?
That's weird, I dreamed of you last night. We were having pancakes for breakfast. How about we make that dream come true? (At a café)
Sorry, but I get really nervous around beautiful girls. But I'm glad I came up to talk to you. (At a friend's party)
You are way too fun to be here. Let me take you out for a real date.
I play in a band. Not the geeky sort, we're pretty good. I'd like to play for you sometime. (At a concert or music festival)
I have a thing for brown-eyed girls. I couldn't help but take a closer look. (At a party)
Come on, have one more drink. Live a little!
Okay, I admit. I've been looking at you all night, wondering if you would agree to dance with me. (At a wedding reception)
We'll do whatever you want. Just pick the place and time and I'll be there. By the way, I'm (your name). (At a friend's party)
Take my seat. But first you'll have to agree to have dinner with me.
What if you had 24 hours to live, how would you spend it? My first thing would be to take you out on a date. (At a party)
I've never met someone I was so in sync with. Let's talk some more over coffee tomorrow? (At a museum / art gallery)
Tips to Use Pickup Lines
Pickup lines may sound corny, but they will work if you know how to deliver them. Some girls may be outrightly rude, but don't let that get you down. Don't come off as a weird, desperate guy in need for something hot and heavy, especially if you get the feeling she's the nice sort. A girl who's worth pursuing should be approached by a gentleman, not someone she instantly knows she can't trust.