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5 Cool Ways to Spike Your Hair

5 Cool Ways to Spike Your Hair

From the lethally attractive mohawk to the slick, boxy, flat-head spiked hairdo, men can seamlessly alternate from the defiantly brazen to a charmingly fetching look using simple spiky hairstyle tricks. In this MenWit article, we present to you 5 ways to spike your hair.
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Bid Those Hair Gels Goodbye!
If you are tired of spiking your hair with gel and game for experimenting, then you can always go for a sculpting paste, mousse, putty, or even a hair oil!
A spiked hairstyle is quite a thing with men and young boys, and the amount of time some will put to get the perfect spiked look, makes us tweak the original phrase, "Don't stand there with curlers on your hair" to "Don't stand there spiking your hair!" Well, you can't blame men for this. Just as a coiffure is fastidiously set for a woman, a man too, likes to invest some time to get the desired spiked look perfect, and yes, the spiked hair ain't that complicated at all. But yes, to know what kind of spiked hairdo would square with your hair, you will need to understand the three important factors that hold sway over your style―texture, density, and length.

Those of you who find themselves in hot water over spiked hairstyle and are in a fix as to how to spike their hair, the following ways to spike your hair will get you the covet-able look.
Before beginning with the spiking part, make sure your hair is shampooed and conditioned, as they say, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear; similarly, you can't expect to get an outstanding spiky hairstyle with an unclean mop of hair. Dry your hair using a blow dryer or if you aren't required to show your manly self with utmost dispatch somewhere, then you can always let the hair dry naturally.

Before you get going to learn the tricks of the trade, do sneak in a look at some cool spiky hair looks (provided below) for men.
How to Spike Hair in the Front
After the aforementioned procedure, brush your hair to free them from knots and tangles. To spike your hair in the front, you can either use a gel or use a combination of wet and dry hair products. If you are only going to rely on hair gel, then take a lavish amount of it (not so lavish that it drips out of your hands) in your palms and swiftly move your fingers toward the back of your hair, while setting them erect at the same time. As you do so, make sure you clench your fingers around your hair for the hair to settle as you lift your strands up. You can also use a spray to hold your hair up, and you are done!
How to Spike Short Hair with Gel
While a natural coarse or wavy hair texture is best suited for a spiky hairstyle, those with thin and straight hair have a little disadvantage as they don't provide the required leeway for movement. But, no problemo gents, as the gel can help to pull up even the disinclined strands of hair. To spike your short hair, get yourself a nice gel (avoid the ones that will make your hair look greasy), take a good dollop of it into your palms and get down to shaping your hair. Move your hands over your hair, let your hair bond with the gel and to do so run your hands back and forth. Grasp the strands between your fingers and pull them up to spike them. This will take time but continue doing it till you get what you desire.
How to Spike Hair with Wax
Your choice of hair wax will depend upon the strength, texture, and finish you desire. Hair wax will not just texturize your hair but will also liven your lackadaisical hair. Unlike gel, you don't need to lavish your hair with gel, but just some of it (well, this depends on the length of your hair). Procedure to spike your hair with wax is identical to that of gel. The good part about using wax is that it gives ample scope for your hair to be lifted up and gives a relatively strong hold with a good finish. Whether it's about creating a subtle look by working on single strands or giving the spiked look to a chunk of hair, a wax will you a defined look along with long-lasting hold (well, this will depend on the brand you choose).

A small tip: If wax is your choice of weapon for spiking, then before applying it to your hair, warm it a bit so that it sticks consistently on your hair.
How to Spike Long Hair
If you have a long hair then holding them in place is a tall order. Hence, you need heavy styling products to keep your spikes intact. Use gel or wax, whatever floats your boat. Likewise, take the required amount of it and bond the desired chunk of hair. You will also need to subject your tresses to blasting (if you are using wax, then read the directions to know whether your hair needs to be wet or dry). Another way to spike your long hair could be undergoing spike-inspired hairstyles, which are mohawk and faux mohawk.
How to Spike Your Hair in the Back
To spike your hair in the back, take a good amount of gel in your hands and work your way from the bottom to the front of your head. Run your fingers from the bottom of the back of your head and pinch your hair while doing so. Ideally, spiking should start from the back of one's head and then move forward. Hold your hair between your fingers and let them slide outwards as you try to pull them. While some sections of your hair are bound to remain un-spiked, work on them by running your fingers and pinching them.
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