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9 Creative Ways to Make a Romantic Proposal Over Dinner

9 Creative Ways to Make a Romantic Proposal Over Dinner
Think beyond a laid-back, by-the-book proposal, and give her a night she'll never forget. Personalize the moment with a little help from MenWit's 9 creative ways to make a romantic proposal over dinner.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
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Asking your partner these four wonderful words―will you marry me―can leave any levelheaded man restless and nervous. The 'marriage proposal' story is something women pride over, and will recite to the world. So obviously, the pressure is definitely on to be creative with exactly how you pop the question.
Hollywood has been kind (and at times cruel) to us as it has brought countless ways to 'surprise' a woman. But truth be told, they always know that a proposal is imminent; it's the 'when' that is left unanswered. So, even if you think that your partner suspects something big is coming her way, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to blow her away with your proposal. As you read these 9 romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend, hopefully we can help take away some of the anxiety.
Photograph your own proposal.
You can keep the actual moment private to yourself, while still be able to share it with family and friends after. Either hire a professional or ask a family member/friend to capture this special moment for you.
Use the Dessert Bowl
Dessert Bowl
Either draw it freehand or cut out a design and tape it, engraving on a dessert bowl is a reinvention of the classic ring-in-the-dessert proposal. This is one of the best ways to pop the question at home.
  • Plan the dinner menu around her favorite cuisine.
  • Before she's about to arrive, light several candles near the table.
  • Enjoy a nice, romantic dinner together with her favorite songs playing in the background.
  • Serve her dessert in the bowl and wait until she reaches the bottom.
Prepare a Handmade Card
Handmade Card
When words fail you, but the emotions exist (some men are too introvert to express themselves freely), a handmade card can do the trick. Yes, at some point, you will have to utter those four words. But until then, the card can get things rolling.
  • During or after dinner, give her with the card.
  • She may look at you suspiciously, but go with it.
  • Wait as she reads the message on the envelope.
  • Urge her to open the envelope and hold your breath.
A Picnic with the Radio
Picnic with the Radio
This one needs a lot of planning and organizing, and getting things rolling before the actual event.
  • Call the local radio station and speak to someone in charge.
  • Request them if at a specific time, they can make the announcement―your name wishes to ask partner's name's hand in marriage.
  • Once it is announced, bring out the ring and say the words yourself.
  • Later, you can have the radio station play her favorite song.
Help from a Furry Friend
cat dog with engagement ring
If you guys have a pet, think of including him/her with your proposal as well. After all, they too are part of the family.
  • Set up for dinner either at your house or at the restaurant.
  • Enjoy dinner as you normally would.
  • If you're at home, excuse yourself to go get "desserts" for the two of you.
  • If you're at a restaurant, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.
  • Come back with your furry friend along with the engagement ring.
Carve on a Tree
Carve on a Tree
If there is a tree in your backyard/garden, you can carve out the words on a tree branch. Remember, DO NOT do this at your local park, in a forest, or on someone else's property.
  • Set up for dinner inside the house.
  • Use rose petals and scented candles to decorate the area.
  • After dinner, ask her to come outside for "dessert".
  • Lead her to the tree, and show her the engraving.
  • While she gasps and cries, get down on one knee with the ring.
A Message in the Driveway
Message in the Driveway
You can orchestrate the plan at either your place, or at a restaurant. If you're choosing the latter, seek the manager's permission prior to the actual event.
  • Use chalk to write the message in the driveway or in the restaurant's parking lot.
  • Wait for her inside with the ring.
Get Takeout
Get Takeout
If you guys love getting Chinese takeout, then this is the scenario for you, my friend.
  • Before she comes over, place the order over the phone.
  • Ask the restaurant to send an empty takeout box as well.
  • Put heart-shaped confetti in the box along with ring at the bottom.
  • Keep the box inside, and get up in the middle of dinner to go to the kitchen.
  • Bring 'the box' out and say that you forgot it inside.
  • Let her open the box and see her reaction.
Send Her a Text
Text For Partner
We don't want you to make a habit of this, as texting when you're out with your partner (or anyone for that matter) is extremely rude. However, for now, we can make an exception. While the two of you are at a restaurant for dinner, take out your cell phone.
  • Text her the lyrics of Marry Me by Train.
  • She might get upset at first that you're texting while on a date with her; you've been warned.
  • Once you reach the part in the lyrics where it says 'marry me', wait for her to reply.
  • Next, send her a picture of the ring you got for her.
  • Finally, send the message―Look up, sweetheart.
When She's Working Late
Romantic Proposal Dinner Box
Many times, things don't go the way we plan. So, if you had planned a fancy dinner at her favorite restaurant, and for some unforeseen reason she's stuck at work, there's no need to be disheartened. You can always make it right. So what if she can't make it for dinner; you can bring the dinner to her.
  • Prepare a dinner box for the two of you.
  • Grab a bouquet of flowers on the way to her office. Make sure you have the ring as well.
  • Reach her office and stick a Post-it note on the box―Step outside for a small surprise!
  • Ask someone (a colleague, maybe) to bring the packed box to her.
  • Wait (impatiently) for her to come out so you can propose.
Marriage Proposal Dos and Don'ts
It's always best to go with what your heart and gut tells you. However, at times, you can be led towards a scenario that can backfire quite easily. So, apart from the ideas we shared with you, here is a list of 'dos and don'ts' to keep in mind.


1. Take the time to find the perfect ring.

2. Write down exactly what you're going to say.

3. Think beyond chocolates and flowers.

4. Find a personal venue to propose.

5. Follow the traditional way.


1. Place the ring in her dessert or drink.

2. Make it public or steal someone else's thunder.

3. Propose at known "engagement venues".

4. Pop the question on a holiday or her birthday.

5. Upload the proposal on YouTube.
Every lady is unique and knowing what she's into makes your task a heck of a lot easier. So, you need to pay attention to all the little clues she leaves behind, and know it in your heart what she truly loves. Because if you do this correctly, you won't have to be under a lot of stress, and the outcome will be what you desired.
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