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Tips for Men to Incorporate the Rockabilly Style

Tips for Men to Incorporate the Rockabilly Style

Rockabilly is a mix of Western and Country music of the 1950s; the dressing sense of these old rock and roll artists was unique, and has become a fashion trend ever since. How about dressing up the rockabilly way? MenWit suggests apparel and accessories to create this unique 'Rockabilly look'.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018
Rock-a-Billy a popular song by Woody Harris and Eddie V. Deane that was released in the year 1957.
Rockabilly is one of the earliest rock and roll music styles. It is basically a mix of 'rock and roll' and 'hillbilly' (hillbilly refers to Country music), thus the name. Rockabilly music was also influenced by 'Western Swing', 'Blues Music', 'Boogie Woogie', and 'Jump Blues'. It gained popularity from the early '50s to early '60s.

You must be wondering how rockabilly is related to fashion! It had a strong influence over fashion in its forming years, and the 'rockabilly style' was quickly absorbed by American youth. It was more popular because one didn't have to spend much or work a lot to get ready, and was a very simple and an 'any-person look'. Here's how to dress rockabilly.
 First of all you'll need a pair of denims, more of a vintage style. Go for a slim fit one.

 Step 2! Grab a pack of T-shirts, plain and simple, without any stripes or graphics. Especially look for a thin, white one with a round neck; it would be just perfect.

 If you prefer shirts to T-shirts, you could look for some Western vintage style shirts with a bit of embroidery.

 Remember to tuck the T-shirt in the denim jeans, and make sure that the denim is a bit more in length, as you'll have to cuff up the bottom. Also, let the T-shirt be short-sleeved, with the sleeves rolled up for the perfect 'Grease' look. If you smoke, roll up a pack of cigarettes up your sleeve.

 You could also wear a slim-fit, shiny, sharkskin suit for occasions that are more formal. Ensure that the suit has two or more buttons, and a longer waistline.
 Getting the hairstyle right is very important, especially if it's the very popular 'pompadour' style of the '50s. Keep the sides and the back short, while the top should be long at the front, and gradually descend as it moves backwards.

 Your hair should have a wet greasy look. Apply some pomade or hair cream at the back and sides of your hair, gently and evenly. Comb the sides in the backward direction. Then comb the back hair straight down. Once this is done, the sides and the rear part is all set and wet.

 Now squeeze some more pomade on your hand and apply it to the top part. Try and distribute it evenly through the hair. Use your hands to brush the hair at the front, while giving it a raise. You need to get more height and volume in the front. When viewed from the side, your hair should look like a ramp; raised in the front, and descending backwards. Once this is done, make it look neater by combing any hair which is out of place.

 Finally, grab a good hair spray and spray your hair in order to maintain the pompadour look.
 For the shoes there are some great options. The best one is a pair of creepers. Likewise, motorcycle boots or industrial work boots suit up well with this look. To make it look more classic, go in for black oxfords or wingtips.

 You could hang in a pair of black suspenders to add detail to the look.

 If you're planning to wear that plain white T-shirt, try on a jacket. Some options for jackets could include a motorcycle leather jacket, a wool tweed jacket, a rugged jacket with your name patched on it, and the like.

 To add some finishing touches, you could hang a chain in your denim pockets, or wear a cowboy style belt with a bull on the buckle.

 When choosing accessories for a more formal look, think of cufflinks (a pair of hot rods, or playing cards), and a skinny tie with a complementing tie clip or tie bar. All these will go great with the look.
The Rockabilly Look
The rockabilly style can very easily be incorporated, and is great for occasions like house-parties, hangouts, dates, and the like. The best part is that, it is a very inexpensive way to dress up, and the clothing as well as accessories are easily available.