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Men, Fret Not! We Help You Pick the Best Eyebrow Shapes

Eyebrow Shapes for Men
For all those fashion addict men, here are some tips on eyebrow grooming. Know about the eyebrow shapes for men, opt for the one suitable for you and have that perfect look.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Today, fashion is no more limited to women. Men are also exploring all aspects of it. So, don't get surprised if you notice a man busy grooming his eyebrows. Yes, many men groom their eyebrows, one of the important feature of our face. They can just stick to the original shape and just pull off the extra hair, to have a perfect look.
Eyebrow Shapes for Guys
The natural shape of eyebrows in men are completely different from that of women. Also, men have thicker brows. Brows plays an important role in the looks and personality of men. Here are some tips on choosing the right eyebrow shapes for men.
Men with large eyes and those who have a wide forehead should opt for the round brows. These must be in line with the frontal bone and should gently taper at the ends. Remember, do not have a sharp round shape, its only for women! This will also add a tinge of delicacy to your looks.
This one is perfect for men with round faces. Angular shaped brows are suitable for those with chubby face. This shape enhances the eyes and gives your face a well-designed look. You must opt for a soft angular shape so that it looks natural and attractive. This also looks well for those with small forehead.
This looks great for men with oval face. You have to keep them as straight as possible. Do not have an arch or round at the ends. This will give their face a small and round look. This is also among suitable shapes for men with small eyes. Remember to keep a bit more space between the brows, by plucking extra hair, to make the eyes appear larger.
How to Shape Eyebrows
One of the brow shaping tips is that don't over-do, try to maintain the natural look, just adding little details according to the desired shapes. Too much perfection is not required. You can decide to shape your brows using one of the hair removal methods, viz. plucking, waxing or threading. While threading would need professional help, you can do waxing and plucking by yourself. But, if you are doing it for the first time, it is best to visit a salon. Waxing is a painful process especially for the first timers. If some extra hair gets plucked out, you can use an brow pencil of the same shade as your brows, to fill in the gap. Nowadays stencils are also available for the same. These can also be used by those with sparse eyebrows to create the desired eyebrow shape.
Very dense hair or very large eyebrows must be shaped to have a good-looking face. You can just brush them and remove the stray and long hair to have a decent look, if you don't want to opt for one of the aforementioned shapes. Shaping the eyebrows will enhance your facial appearance. So guys, planning to shape your brows? Just go for it!
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