Facial Hair Removal For Men

Removing all facial hair started as a fad, but is turning out to be a popular trend. Men go in for methods like shaving, waxing, laser, etc. to get rid of unwanted facial hair, which are elaborated in this article.
MenWit Staff
For women, facial hair can be embarrassing. Men on the other hand are not so much bothered by facial hair. Most men shave everyday, as they like to don a smooth and clean shaved look. Shaving can, at times, become boring as they may feel lazy to shave everyday. This makes them try options where they don't have to bother about facial hair for a long period of time.
Shaving is quick, easy to do, and also inexpensive. Most men shave on a regular basis with a razor or an electric shaver. A razor is better, as it gives a close shave and is more comfortable. An electric shaver does not give a close shave, but does prevent ingrown hair or cuts, which are more likely while using a razor. Within a few days of shaving, the hair does grow back in quick time, so it's not used to permanently remove facial hair.
Waxing, is a time-consuming and extremely painful method of facial hair removal. In waxing, sticky wax is applied on the desired part, with a strip of paper placed on it. The paper strip is then pulled off in one quick movement. Hair removed by this method does not grow back quickly, as waxing removes the hair from its roots under the skin surface. Waxing has a few side effects like rashes, infection of the hair follicle, and certain allergic reactions, and is therefore not a widely preferred option except for the eyebrows.
Precision Tweezers
Precision tweezers are used to remove hair from certain delicate area like the nose, ears, or eyebrows. One can easily remove unwanted hair from these areas using tweezers. It is always better to use a pair of tweezers having a pointed tip to pluck hair accurately.
Facial Hair Removal Cream for Men
Facial hair removal cream for men, also known as chemical depilatories, can be used to remove facial hair. These facial hair removal creams contain various chemicals like calcium hydroxide and sodium, which dissolve the hair follicles without affecting the roots. Thus, it is effective only in removing hair from the surface and it generally takes a few days for the hair to grow again. These creams are easily available in the market. These creams sometimes cause certain allergies and side effects. It is always better to apply the cream on some other body part to check if the skin burns, and then apply it on the face. Make sure to apply it, only if there is no burning sensation.
Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is undertaken for permanent hair removal. A fairly modern method, the hair follicles are destroyed using laser beams. These beams are attracted to the hair because of melanin, a pigment brown in color, which gives the skin and hair its characteristic look, burning down the hair follicles. This method is suitable for people with black facial hair, as white hair lacks melanin.
Another method for permanent hair removal, electrolysis, is the oldest method for removing facial hair, and has been in use for about 130 years. A needle or probe is inserted into the hair follicles and then electric current is passed through this needle, which destroys the cells responsible for hair growth. The electrolysis process is a rather lengthy one and requires multiple sittings. However, electrolysis is a cheaper option for permanent facial hair removal as compared to a laser hair removal treatment.
Before applying any chemical substances or opting for permanent facial hair removal, it is better to consult a dermatologist, to check if the skin is allergic to certain chemicals. Also there are various salons which help in removing the hair, where one can go to.