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Male Waxing

Guy's Grooming Guide: Steps on How to Carry Out Male Waxing

Are you looking for ways to get rid of your unsightly body hair? Read the following article for a stepwise procedure on the technique of waxing for males.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
It is often said that women are fast conquering the areas which were earlier considered the domain of a man. When it comes to paying attention to one's physical beauty, the vice versa is also true. Earlier it were women who used to spend hours in front of the mirror and beauty salons to get that perfect look. Nowadays, even men are taking efforts to look presentable and attractive. And the first step in the process of grooming yourself is hair removal. Remember, being hairy can be a big turn off for quite a few women.
There are various methods to remove one's body hair, such as waxing, electrolysis, shaving, hair removal creams, and laser hair removal. However, the most popular and cheapest out of these methods is waxing. You can get yourself waxed at a salon, or you may try it at home too. It is not a difficult process. Here is a step-by-step guide to remove body hair using this technique.
For doing waxing at home, you will need a waxing kit, a pair of scissors, and cotton strips. Once you are ready with these, you may start the procedure.
Step 1
The first step is to take a shower or clean the area that needs to be waxed. Once you have cleaned your skin, do not use any cream or moisturizer over the skin area that needs to be waxed as waxing dry skin is easier compared to moisturized skin.
Step 2
Start with selecting one skin area at a time. We would recommend either the chest or stomach first, as these skin areas are in the front and hence, easier to wax. For the back, you will need the help of your partner or a friend, as your hand will not be able to reach those skin areas.
Step 3
This process is easier when the length of the body hair is not more than one-fourth of an inch. Since, majority of the hair on a man's body are quite long, they have to be trimmed to this size. You may use scissors for trimming the body hair. Though it is going to take a lot of time, but it will make waxing easy and slightly pain free.
Step 4
With trimmed hair, you are now ready for hair removal. Wax needs to be heated prior to its application on the skin. For this, keep a bowl full of water on the stove. Let it reach the boiling point, then place the wax bottle inside the bowl. Make sure that the water does not enter the bottle.
Step 5
Once the wax is hot, remove it from the stove top. Now, take a waxing applicator or butter knife and apply the wax on the skin area from where hair has to be removed. Apply it in the direction of the hair. Place the cotton strips on that area, and make it stick on the skin area by applying pressure with hands.
Step 6
When the cloth has stuck to the skin properly, pull the skin taut and hold the end of the cloth which is in the opposite direction of the hair and with one stroke, pull it forcefully. It is essential to hold the skin taut before pulling off the wax strip, else you would end up with sore inflamed skin. Moreover, such an action ensures that hair is pulled from the root and you are not damaging the skin in the process.
Step 7
As waxing can be quite painful, soothe the skin and avoid bumps on it by applying ice packs on it. Next, pat dry and apply a moisturizer. Repeat the same process for other areas of the body.
Although waxing can remove most of the hair, from all skin areas, waxing ingrown hair is not possible. Also, when waxing, avoid the genital areas, and get them waxed only by a professional at a salon. It is best to wait for the hair to grow at least 5mm to 1cm before you go in for waxing. This allows it to adhere better. Depending on the stage that your hair growth is on, whether it is in anagen, catagen, or telogen phase you would need to go back for a waxing session in at least two to three weeks. If it is catagen or telogen phase, the hair would grow faster than the active-growing anagen phase of hair growth.
It is also important to note that individual hair follicles are at different stages of growth at the same time, so the only way to get a smooth look is frequent trips to the esthetician. With regular waxing the hair becomes finer and the growth will also slow down. Post waxing, you can flaunt your sexy body at a beach or pool and make the women swoon over you.