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Funny Things to Say to a Girl That are Guaranteed to Make Her Laugh

Funny Things to Say to a Girl
"Hi, my name is T- T- T- Bob! I am sorry I am nervous, just that, I'm not doing it right!" Care for some more funny things to say to a girl? Yes or no, here they are...
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
A good sense of humor is, perhaps, the most desirable quality in men that women look for. It is a signature of a self-confident and optimistic man. Three things go into showcasing humor: the right lines, the right timing, and the right delivery.

We are here to help you with the first one, in the form of some funny things to say to a girl. So, start scribbling...
Woman smiling and looking at a man
- "Are you going to kiss me or do I have to lie to my diary?"
- Say, as if you are inquiring, "Were you arrested earlier? It's gotta be illegal to look that good."
- "Girl, I know what you did last summer. Wanna do something similar this winter?"
- Say in a surprised tone, "How on earth do you do that?" (Girl - what?) "Look so damn good!"
Man and woman walking holding hands
- Hold out your hand and say, "Would you be kind enough to hold this while I go out for a walk?"
- Say sympathetically, "Girl, will you stop getting any hotter? You are killing the poor thermometer!"
- When a girl stares at you, say, "Wait! Before you cast those dreamy eyes on me, I want to get my maps and GPS ready. Okay, go!"
Man and woman in restaurant laughing
- Say with a careless tone, "Lady, you better direct that beauty somewhere else or you'll set the bar on fire."
- "Do you have a Band Aid? I just scraped my knee falling for you."
- "Am I cute enough yet? Or do you need more of those vodka?"
- "My doc said that I can never have arrhythmia. But your presence is sure proving him wrong!"
Girl and boy on a trek
- "If grapes make skin beautiful, then you must be living in a vineyard!"
- "I sure hope lady that you know CPR, cos you are taking my breath away!"
- "I'm addicted to 'Yes', and I'm allergic to 'No'. So what's it gonna be?"
- "You must go and see a doctor lady! (Girl - why?) You have 'BEAUTY' all over your face!"
Woman looking back to a man, smiling
- Say in a hushed tone, "If you turn me down, then I am gonna tell NASA that you are smoking hot and the real cause of global warming."
- "If you were a phone of Apple, then you would be called iGorgeous!"
- "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I pass by you again?"
Woman and man at coffee shop smiling
- "If you were Christmas, I would be the Grinch who stole you!"
- "Girl, you are so delightful, cheerful, and bright, you can make Batman rent an apartment and abandon his cave!"
- "Hi there, miss! How about doing some community work by sparing some space for the needy? Let's move in together!"
Man and woman outdoors coffee shop, laughing
- "I think I am gonna buy a Polar Bear." (Girl - why?) "I am gonna use it to break the ice between us!"
- "I heard that if you earnestly wish for something, then the Universe conspires to make the wish come true. Well, I think Mr. Universe is not conspiring enough, because I need $100 to take you out for dinner, but he gave me only 25."
Man and woman in a restaurant chatting smiling
- "Hi, I am Marv. My full name is Marvelous. You must be Beautiful!"
- "Have you ever been to the moon?" (Girl - no) "Wow, me neither. God, we are so alike!"
- "What are you doing this evening?" (Girl - nothing) "Let's do nothing together then!"
Man and woman at a candle light dinner
- Stand next to her and pretend speaking over the phone, uttering only "Yes sir, sure thing!" Disconnect the call and then say, "Um... God called. He was asking, 'What time are you dropping my angel home?' Is 10 p.m. okay with you?"
- "Hi, I am Phillips Adam Shankman. How about we take a walk to remember and make things better!"
It goes without saying that humor is subjective. What one person finds funny, another may find it mind-numbing. So, the odds are, you may find some of the above lines to be comical, but not all of them. Therefore, pick out lines which you think are the funniest, jot them down, and use them at the right time with the right delivery. Cheers!
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