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How to Ask a Girl Out on Facebook

How to Ask a Girl Out on Facebook

If you want to know how to ask a girl out on Facebook, we're here to tell you just that! Here are a few amazing tips on how you can effortlessly do so.
Neha Joshi
Have you ever even heard of such a thing? Well yes, such things do happen. If you want to forget the red rose bouquets, getting down on one knee, and want to do something different this time learn how to ask a girl out on Facebook. Yes, this is one of those recent trends we need to update ourselves about. There are many youngsters out there who think it's absolutely cool to ask a girl out on a social networking website. So, if you are one of them as well, read further and understand how you can do just that.


Keep Likin' 'em!
If you two are friends on Facebook, the task of asking a girl out on Facebook becomes a little easier. Start liking her photographs and statuses. Make this a ritual. Comment on her photographs telling her she is beautiful and praise her in general. Sooner or later, she'll get the hint. This isn't the way to ask a girl out but right now, you're just setting the ground so you can play well. Post some nice messages on her wall once in a while. By doing these small things, just make sure you are someone she likes. Once you are all over her profile, you'll be hard to miss, isn't it?

The Distance Issues
Facebook has a chat option so make sure you talk to her every few days. Once she starts talking to you regularly, you can tell her you like her. Don't ask her out right now, just tell her you like her. One of the best dating tips for men is to maintain a little distance in the beginning. Get to know her a little well and remember this might take time so don't try to hurry up. Once in a while, flirt a little bit but don't go overboard. It gets a little creepy doing it like that. Once she is comfortable talking to you about absolutely anything, you can ask her out on a date even.

Everyone Enjoys the Limelight
Remember that every girl enjoys being in the limelight and every girl loves attention how much ever she denies it. That's how we women are. If a woman doesn't want attention, she probably knows she can never get it. So give her what she needs! Put up nice quotes on her wall. Tag her in your Facebook statuses and dedicate songs to her in public. Trust me she's going to love this. It may seem childish to some, but it's not their business, it's yours, so don't bother.

Do Something Different
It is very simple to know how to get a girl to like you but it is just as difficult to actually get her to like you. You have to stand out and do something different for her. Something special. Try to remember all the things you have spoken about. Write her a little letter mentioning all those things and also make a small video putting all her photographs together. You can get the photographs from her albums. Try to find out her favorite song a few days earlier and play it as the background in the video. There you go!

Now that you know how to ask a girl out on Facebook, you can go ahead and start preparing. Remember, don't treat this as just a simple asking out moment. It is very difficult to convince someone of your feelings when you aren't together, in front of each other. Prepare well and I'm sure the girl will say yes.
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