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How to Express Love to a Woman

How to Express Love to a Woman? We'll Make it Easier for You

I agree, with all my heart, that expressing your love to a woman is one of the most difficult of things to do. But, what if I made it easier?
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Expressing your love to a woman isn't as simple as you think it is. Just saying I Love You, is only telling her that you love her. However, when you talk about expressing, you need to up your confidence to an entirely different level. You need to make her feel special, cherished, treasured, and wanted ... all at once. You have to do justice to what you feel for her when you tell her so. All those feelings, all those thoughts, and all those moments when you've gone weak in your knees, everything should be conveyed. But how?
Be Confident
The first thing you need to know is that you have to be confident. Not only because you shouldn't look like a fool, but also because confident men come across as men who actually mean what they say. Confidence assures the women that you are a man of your word and everything you say is nothing but the truth. Someone who is not so confident will come across as an unstable person who is not so sure about his feelings.
Some Special Gestures
Take some flowers and a small gift with you. Pamper her a little; she'll be delighted already. You can then, go down on one knee and tell her you love her, in a public place, in front of everyone. I'd advise you do this if you're absolutely sure her answer is going to be affirmative.
Some Special Lines
When you express love for someone or to someone, you don't have all the time in this world, do you? You can't keep going on and on about how you feel. It has to be short and sweet. At such times, write down a few lines and work on them till they're not more than 200 words. Just in case you freeze once in her presence, these will come to help.
A Walk to Remember
You also need to choose a place where you will be comfortable to express your love. Some people like the quiet while some are more comfortable in the crowd. Go for a stroll after dinner one evening or for a long drive on a quiet road. Take her for a nice walk by the lakeside or sit on a bench in the park and say what you have decided. Be slow and clear when you say it all; make sure she doesn't have to ask you to repeat.
Words are What You Have
If you are the shy types, but are very confident about your feelings for this woman, write her a letter. This way you don't have to face her, but you still get to express your love to her, this time in as many words as you want. Use some creative messages and tell her how you gradually fell in love with her.
Get hold of the perfect time, the perfect moment, and the perfect words. With these three things in place, there is nothing that can stop you. Best of luck!
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