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How to Flirt with a Girl

Right Down to the Basics: How to Flirt With a Girl

This one's for all you guys out there who don't know how to flirt with a girl ... until now. Here's presenting some great ideas on how to do exactly that. Take notes 'cause this one's going to be making that someone special very (very) hot for you.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The sounds of clinking glasses and laughter fills the air. A mixed scent of perfume and alcohol assaults your nostrils. Loud chattering and stray songs can be heard―the party's in full swing and you're still bored. Your roommate has his lips locked with Lucy? Brenda? You don't really care ... and you feel hopeless as you always do. "That's never going to be me" you think. "I don't have his charisma, his style. I can't go and floor a girl like he does". And you wonder for the 100th time how some guys manage to flirt so well. "Maybe if I knew how, I'd have a chance in this game".
Ever been there? Do you identify with the situation? If this is what is getting you down, then it's about time you learn a few tricks. Which is exactly what this following piece brings for you. It takes you through some of the simplest and most effective ways of flirting with a girl. So ready when you are, let's get going.
Tricks of Flirting with a Girl
Flirting with girls becomes easy if you know the way to go about it. You can never rush these things if you want the outcome to be perfect. There are a few steps involved, and these are ...
Get to Know Her
You want this thing to lead to something serious, you get to know her first. It's extremely corny to go to a random stranger and deliver a cheesy pick up line. That puts girls off so fast, you won't believe it. The key is to do your homework before you approach her. What are her hobbies, favorite songs, etc. This will give you a head start.
Get an Introduction
If you have any common friends, get an introduction. If not, devise ways to 'bump into her accidentally'―maybe by enrolling at her gym or taking one of her classes. It is better if she can put a face to all the advances, instead of having to deal with cheesy lines from unknown wannabes.
Ask Her Out
When you get an introduction, start by saying 'Hi' or smiling at her. When she begins to respond, ask her out for a coffee (make sure she knows this is not a date). Like, say you meet up in the hallway, say something like "It sure is hot today, right? Want to join me for a cold coffee?". This should work, but if not, don't lose hope. Just try it again after a few days.
Be Yourself
After she's finally agreed on joining you for a cup of coffee, do not be overwhelmed and try to bring in unnecessary techniques to impress her. Think of this as a 'friends' thing (you won't be stuck in that zone, we promise). When you talk to her, do not don on some weird personality that isn't you. Just be yourself and she'll like you for it.
Make Her Talk
Start a conversation on any random topic and then steer it to her. Ask her about her hobbies, interests, where her family is from. Just get her to talk about herself. The feeling she'll be left with is 'That was sweet of him'. Or 'I haven't spoken like that to anyone, he sure is nice'. In short, she'll warm up to you instantly.
Notice Things
Now that you've earned some brownie points, take them a notch higher. Notice things that others don't. For example, her nose or maybe a beauty spot near her eyes. Noticing things and complimenting her on stuff that others usually don't notice will set you right apart from the usual 'jerks' who probably just shout out "You're pretty".
Compliment Her
The best way to flirt with a girl is to compliment her. Girls love compliments, and when they come from people who really mean them―it's an unparalleled high. Now that you've already set yourself apart from the desperadoes, use your alleviated status and start complimenting her. This will be your initiation into flirting. See what she likes when you say something and when you know that she's responding, take it from there.
Be Humorous
Girls love a guy who has a good sense of humor and knows how to use it. So let it shine through. Having gained a little confidence with her, the humor part will be easier to handle. Since she's already warmed up to you, something even mildly funny will go a long way.
Make Her Feel Desirable
Everyone loves to hear that they are hot, no matter how many times they've heard it before. So the next time you meet her, go prepared. Have a hint of a mischievous smile playing on your lips. When she comes over, just give her a quick 'look over' from top to bottom. (Please don't make this look cheap. The key is to show her you are checking her out. Then the mischievous smile makes sense.) After you've chatted like usual, just take her off guard and tell her she's looking hot. She'll be mildly shocked and highly amused. And that is exactly what you want.
Keep it Light
So after you've given her the feeling that 'you're checking her out', make sure to keep the conversation light at best. Nothing on the lines of "tell me about your grandma's sickness" for you today. Instead, talk about movies or people you know. This will give you a chance to better employ some flirting techniques.
Playful Repartees
Start looking for double meanings in her sentences. For example if she says "It was so hard", answer back with "Really now?" and a sly grin. This will electrify the mood like freakin' electricity came to town. She'll be looking at you in a different light after this one.
Maintain Eye Contact
Maintain eye contact throughout. This will show her you're interested. But after a point of time when you've complimented her and are being extremely playful, the same eye contact will drive into her and she'll be so aware of you. See if she's uncomfortable―like she's not meeting your gaze or smiling awkwardly. Then you'll know she's enjoying the flirting but since it is a new side to you, she doesn't know what to do. If she's not, she'll have a pissed off expression on her face and you should stop flirting for the eve.
Physical Flirting
Thereafter, whenever you meet her, try to compliment her. Also, you can now use your body (and the right body language) to start flirting.

• Take her hand in yours to look at her ring better―then hold onto to it for 3 seconds longer than necessary. Simple and effective.

• Put the loose strand of hair behind her ear. It's a very sweet gesture and will probably make her melt.

• You can also start holding the small of her back to guide her to some place. If she likes you, she'll probably lean in closer. (You are aiming for her not to jerk your hand away).

• Try something like leaning into her and telling her in a soft voice "You have to stop using your skirt to distract me." Now that will get her really hot.

• Send naughty notes in class. Mildly naughty, mind you. She'll love the compliments and the 'What if we are caught' feeling will only heighten the fun.
Ask Her Out
Finally! Just ask her out already ... she'll be waiting for it. That will clear you out of the friend zone forever. With so much building up having gone into it, and you doing it all right, there's no way she'll refuse.
Flirting Over Text Messages
Right. So there's something to think about―how to flirt with a girl over text messages or online. In both scenarios, you aren't face to face. So you can't play off her emotions. It's simple―here's how:

• Use her name a lot in the messages that you send. Seeing her name over and over again will help you connect.

• Send messages that include a lot of symbols and emoticons like '8-)' or ':-P'. This will make up for not being face to face.

• Use nicknames. Even when replying to normal messages. Like "Hey Cutie, leaving for class now." (Oh it works. Provided you guys are good friends or know each other at least. Don't use this if you've just got acquainted―it'll be like coming on too strong.)

• Try to keep the conversation flowing.

• Don't reply when not needed. (She'll be wondering why you didn't reply and you will be in her thoughts for a good part of the eve.)

• Send her links to sites about things that you know she's interested in. It'll show her you think about her.

• Leave sweet messages or offlines for her. (Always a winner!)

• Be playful. Use your charm (Yes, all have it) and start replying in a humorous/flirty way. She'll love to indulge in playful repartee with you. Just keep the conversation going and she won't forget you fast.
As is clear, these techniques hold an universal appeal.

So buckle up my friend, wear a nice shirt, dab on some perfume and go flirt your way into the girl's heart. I know you can do it. Just be confident and you'll be unstoppable.
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