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How to Get a Girl to Kiss You

How to Get a Girl to Kiss You: Send Her Those Vibes!

Wake up from that dream you always wished came true. Know how to get a girl to kiss you, and stop blaspheming the cupid for doing no good.
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Jan 2, 2019
"This hurdle is common in most men. 'Genuine' men I'm talking about." - Self
Congratulations! Finally, you have her in your arms. Finally, you can touch her. Smell her. Feel her. But there's something still missing. Something that keeps you from possessing her even more. Something that assures both of you that you're hers, and she's yours. Forever. That is nothing but a kiss. A passionate kiss.
Note that, forcing a girl to kiss you may end up in a disaster you can't even imagine. So, respecting all her time, her feelings, and her dignity, let's unleash how to set that mood. How to light that fire. How to win her. How to get a girl to kiss you for the first time.
How to Make Her Kiss You
A female perception is ideal. To know what is it that she expects. To know how will she react if you accidentally approach her. To know what she is going to say. Or not say. First and foremost, we aren't going to discuss those conventional points-you-should-keep-in-mind, or those conventional pick-up lines, as these are nothing but beguiling.
Honestly, there is not much you can do in this subtle case. But one thing is sure, that she is closer to you than many others. Otherwise, you wouldn't have come here hunting for ways to get her directly to kiss you. Even if she isn't, wait till you have the closeness soaring high between both of you. No girl would want to feel your lips without knowing you.
There is something about girls. You can make out if they are interested. She never had issues with romance, with you touching her, pecking her, holding her in your arms, did she? Well, there you have a chance, my boy! Chances are that if you approach her lips, she might not shove you away, and kick in the butt.
While men are like a torch, just a switch, and they're ignited, women are like bonfires. They take time to get prepared. So, in a few private, lonely meetings with her, send her those vibes that you are somewhat interested. She will take time to understand those signals, naturally. But read her signs too. If she does the same, voila!
Some girls think a lot. Even she will. There are two ways she could construe to your vibes. Either she would think you are a pervert, only sexually interested, or she would think, it's time to take the big leap. The next meeting would be the answer to your questions. Hence, this time, arrange a date totally different from the ones before.
Dress well for that perfect experience of kissing on a date. Let her know that you did it for her. Let her know that she means something more than just a friend. However, tell it all relaxingly. Be calm, subtle, and tension-free.
Break the monotony of a usual conversation both of you are having. Go mum for a second, and gaze into her eyes. She would notice you noticing her, and would ask that cliched question even when she knows the answer, 'what?'. Tell her, that she's the most beautiful girl you've ever met and the mood is set for the evening. The heartbeat is faster than before.
The silence between you and her will kill her. She is counting her breaths. One, Two, and so on. Grab hold of her. Make sure you're clean-shaven for the evening. It makes you look kissable, and irresistible. So, after you grab hold of her, read the signs she wants to give you. If she is uncomfortable, ask her why. If she isn't, get her even more closer.
Give a peck on her forehead. Remember, a peck on the forehead is not only the sweetest gesture, telling her that she's treasured, but will also keep you on the safer side - she will not mind this one at all, since, both of you are so close.
Now is the time to approach her lips. Do not kiss her right away. If she wants it too, there would be a movement in her face. She would hold her chin up, and smile. However, at this time, even if you ask her, 'can I kiss you?', she wouldn't mind. Never.
Allow her to lock lips first, even when the permission is granted. This would make her want you even more. And when she has melted in your arms, make your dream come true. That kiss you always wished for.
Kissing is one of the trickiest things in a relationship. You never know what women want from men in terms of physical desires. So, it's always preferable to let her decide. Let her ask you for more. Let her take the big leap for both of you. Let her decide, what's next.
Dishing out suggestions on getting a girl to kiss you, want you, or love you is extremely easy. Going through the same is difficult. Being a guy, you are in one of the most assailable situations - to kiss or not to kiss? A move gone wrong can ruin everything. Your friendship, your trust, and your self-confidence.
For girls, guys who are subtle in their words, uncomplicated in their life, and nerved in all situations are the Romeo of their dreams. Now that you know how to get a woman to kiss you, wait no more. Go, meet her. Watch her as if you never saw a damsel before, make her wonder, and give her that long-awaited kiss. She won't stop you. A girl scout's honor.