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Scarves for Men

Fashionable Scarf Materials and Patterns for Men to Look Dapper

Did you know that it is fashionable for men to wear scarves and that they are taking their place as an integral part of every man's wardrobe? In this write-up, we tell you how you can adapt this fashionable accessory into your wardrobe.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018
Have you heard every woman exclaim at how men look their best when dressed in a pair of blue denims and a white shirt? Well, it is true. There is something extremely appealing about a man sporting that semi-casual look. Something similar is true about a man wearing a scarf.
In the recent past scarves have been seen as a predominantly female accessory, except in very cold areas. But traditionally men wore scarves as often as women did.
In places that was cold it served a practical purpose but for many men, this accessories was a stylistic addition. They add a touch of panache and elegance to a man's wardrobe and underline their ruggedness and masculinity in a way you would have never thought possible. Of course wearing the right kind of scarf is of prime importance.
Best Fabrics
The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the fabric of the scarf. Most men prefer scarves made of cotton or wool. These are great for the fall and winter.
Cashmere versions look great and serve a practical purpose as well. They are the best to protect you from the perils of the weather but they tend to wear out very quickly. Opt for plaid prints in wool.
If you know someone who enjoys knitting or has a knitting business, then you can get a personalized design. Cotton options in bold colors and patterns teamed with denims and waistcoats are a huge trend in fashion and can bring a stylized look to your wardrobe.
Silk Fabrics
Another option that you can opt for in fabrics is silk. Most people consider silk scarves to be very feminine but if you follow proper scarf tying tips and opt for unisex patterns, then these can look very good.
While opting for scarves remember that longer ones are a better option for men then short ones as this will allow you to wrap it well. Also ensure that you choose a fabric that is slightly bulky as you do not want the scarf to look like a piece of cloth simply wrapped around your neck.
How To Wear
Before understanding the different patterns that you can use to wear scarves, it is important to know that you do not have to relegate them to formal occasions.
You can easily tie a scarf with a leather bomber jacket or wear it over a casual waistcoat for a simple semi-casual look. In fact a plaid print scarf with a winter jacket looks great on most men. Stripes and tartan prints are other great options for men.
What is the best way of wearing scarves? Well we believe that knotted versions look best on men. A slightly loose, but thick knot created by draping the scarf from under a loop works very well for most men.
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Head scarves are generally a bad idea unless worn as a bandanna. You could also simply opt to wrap the scarf around your neck for a casual I-can't-care-less look.
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If you are wearing a scarf under a jacket with lapels, then the scarf should never lie over it. While paisley prints have been showcased in many collections, it is better to avoid them; they give an unmanly look.
As long as you follow simple and stylish instructions for tying them well, scarves can be a great way of accentuating a simple look. They are inexpensive and can change the way you look in a matter of seconds.