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10 Super Tips and Tricks on How to Grow a Beard Really Fast

How to Grow a Beard Fast
Most people equate facial hair in men with manliness; beards and mustaches are considered to be cool. Many youngsters who have just reached puberty often want to grow a beard, for it is a symbol of masculinity, and there are certain tips you can follow to make your beard grow quickly.
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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Beard Maintenance
The feature of a beard, often indicates a person's maturity and good personality. The only drawback is that men with ill-maintained beards are considered to be either broke or total geeks by the ladies. Hence if you start growing a beard, then it is 'absolutely' necessary to maintain it.
The Process of Growing and Maintaining a Beard
The Process of Growing and Maintaining a Beard
~ The process, which you would need to follow is simple, though you will need to be very consistent.
~ First, you will need to shave off your facial hair for a few days. If you have small patches of such hair on your face, then you will need to shave them off at longer intervals, such as after every three days or so.
~ Next, you need to let the facial hair grow on its own.
~ After an interval of about say a couple of weeks or a month or so, the grown beard needs to be trimmed.
~ The trimming and grooming needs to be done regularly so that the beard remains well-shaped.
~ Every day, like shampooing one's hair, the beard too can be shampooed so that it receives appropriate nutrition, moisture, and gets cleaned.
Tips to Grow a Beard Quickly
Selecting the Style
Selecting the Style
The first thing to do is to find a beard style that suits your facial features, hair style, height and more importantly, your personality. Further more, you can also modify the style according to your face and looks. It is extremely important to have the appropriate style of beard so that it actually enhances your look.
There is a good variety of styles to choose from and you can also resort to online advise or interactive online games (the ones where you submit a photo and then you try on different styles of beards) to choose the right one. Your face does change, grow and mature with every passing year. Hence, you will have to keep on changing the style of your beard as per need. Thus the best option is to find a basic style and keep on modifying it as per your changing face.
Shave properly at least two times a day (shave only once or once in three days if you are a teenager). This clean shave will get rid of any facial hair and would thus help the upcoming hair to grow evenly. The process of shaving is also important as it removes all the minuscule quantities of dirt from your face.
Shaving has to be thorough, as you are not going to shave again for a very long time. The new segments of hair that follow, have a uniform length, which helps you to grow a dense and even beard, which have almost the same length. Have such close and clean shaves for about a week or so, and then, proceed to the next step.
Letting it Grow
Letting it Grow
This tip, though irritating and uncomfortable, is very important. You simply have to let the beard grow, till it reaches a desired density or length, as per your beard style's requirement.
When you are letting your beard grow, it is important that you nurture and keep the beard clean by applying hair shampoo daily. That would make the beard hair soft, smooth and dense. Once the hair get very dense use a small comb to get rid of all foreign particles, which might get caught in the beard.
Styling it
Styling it
A rather important and crucial thing to remember is to style the beard properly. For this, you can either use a trimmer or a pair of scissors. The former is easy to use and does not inflict any physical damage if used improperly. After you are done, take a fine sharp razor and shaving cream and get rid of all unnecessary and extra facial hair, by shaving around the beard.
Nurturing it
Nurturing it
Nurturing involves regularly trimming the beard, properly shaving around it, and most importantly, shampooing it. You may have to get rid of all the unnecessary facial hair almost daily, by shaving around the beard. If you do not nurture your beard regularly, you will have haywire and irregular hair growth, and will have to shave off the beard and start all over again. Nurturing should always be consistent.
Tips for Maintaining a Beard
  • Though having a beard is nice, one needs to exercise caution while growing it. First and foremost, growth of facial hair and its speed, always depends upon factors like, your body, age, genetics, season, effect of puberty on your body, etc. All these factors always differ from person to person, and hence the speed of growth of your facial hair shall always be unique.
  • In teenage and puberty years, secretion of a male hormone, dihydrotestosterone, lends to the growth of the facial hair. Now all the teenagers, reading this should note that nature and behavior of dihydrotestosterone hormone is unique to every person, its volume, effect on the body, frequency of secretion and the effect of secretion on facial hair follicles always tends to differ from person to person. Hence there also may be a possibility that one may not have facial hair at all for a long time. In such a case, avoid shaving as it may not only damage your skin but it might be painful and you might also end up cutting yourself. There is no hard and fast rule of nature that a guy in late teens should have a beard or facial hair. Look at the bright side, your face shall have quite a boyish, innocent and handsome look, the ladies, they dig it - true story.
  • In the aforementioned paragraphs, shaving, growing and styling a beard are the 3 crucial steps to growing a beard. The time period or interval within these three steps always tends to be relative and not the same for everybody. Thus the styling stage is totally up to you.
  • Last but not the least - patience and consistency are the two keys to grow a wonderful beard. Let the beard take its own time to grow, don't be in a hurry to shave off the haywire facial hair, or even trim it. Though the volume and density of the hair might be really good at first, grooming the beard to achieve the prefect style, shape, volume and density, takes a lot of hard work and time.
  • Often, chaps who are growing a beard for the first time, tend to get a 'spotty' or uneven beard. In such a case, some parts of your face or the place where the beard should be growing, simply do not have facial hair growth. Now this is completely natural and happens all the time. In such a case, you can either choose a beard style which does not cover the skin where facial hair has not growing, or you can choose to remain clean-shaven.
Growing a beard is not at all difficult and a consistent and dedicated effort can easily work wonders. If you groom the beard properly, you will start looking like a mature man (man, not boy!). Remember, patience and persistence is the key to get the best possible beard.
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