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How to Grow Hair Back for Men

This One's for the Men - Learn How to Grow Your Hair Back Faster

How to grow hair back for men is a topic that has been discussed extensively by experts. Here is an article that summarizes different methods that can successfully help to grow hair back faster.
Nicks J
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
In today's cut throat scenario, hair loss in men is something not new to all of us. Thinning hair and receding hair lines are indicators of hair loss that eventually cause baldness. In order to grow hair back faster, one needs to recognize the reasons behind unusual pattern of hair loss. Some of the common causes of hair loss include insufficient blood flow to the scalp and unhealthy habits. Here are some remedies that can the answer the question, how to grow hair back for men.
Hair Transplant Surgery
This is the most sought after method of all the treatment options. In this procedure, healthy hair from the fringe areas (back and sides) of the head are removed and then transplanted to the areas that show baldness. Side effects associated with this method of surgical hair restoration include mild pain, discomfort and formation of scabs that resolve on their own after a few days.
How to Grow Hair Back Naturally
Growing hair back naturally is an inexpensive way to overcome signs of baldness. Many times, use of hair products that contain harsh chemicals cause stunted growth. For healthy looking hair, these things should be avoided. Here are some tips that can help stop hair shedding, and promote hair regrowth.
Often, poor blood circulation to the scalp and in the hair follicle leads to hair loss. A gentle massage with a recommended oil for 5-10 minutes daily is quite capable to enhance hair growth. Therefore, people who wish to grow hair back fast should massage the scalp with soft hands everyday to get the desired results. Basically, massaging stimulates circulation of blood to the scalp, which is crucial to grow hair faster naturally.
Cardiovascular Exercises
Another way to increase blood flow to the scalp is to include an exercise regime in the daily routine. More specifically, doctors recommend cardiovascular exercises that can help to grow hair back quickly.
Stop Over Brushing
Brushing, no doubt, promotes hair growth, but over brushing can damage and cause hair loss. Also, one has to use a boar bristle brush for effective blood flow to the scalp.
Poor nutrition is often the primary contributor to hair loss. One of the growing hair faster tips involves switching over to a healthy diet. How can one expect to grow hair back faster by eating junk food. As we all know, hair is made up of proteins, so it is essential to have foods high in proteins on a daily basis. Foods that contain a high amount of proteins are as follows
  • Nuts (Almonds)
  • Eggs
  • Fresh fish
  • Chicken
Washing the hair everyday is also not recommended as it can hamper hair growth. Shampooing the hair daily will remove natural oils of the scalp, necessary for proper hair growth. Instead, one should wash hair 2-3 times in a week. Using a herbal shampoo that does not contain any synthetic chemicals would be the best option. Buy natural hair care products that contain aloe vera, jojoba and citrus fruits.
The aforementioned healthy foods coupled with vitamin supplements (B complexes) can also provide shiny lustrous hair. Environmental factors such as air pollution and UV rays can also cause hair loss. So, while traveling in the scorching sun, one should wear a cap or a hat. This is the best way to protect hair from environmental damage.
Reduce DHT Levels
DHT stand for dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that is found to be the number one enemy of your scalp hair. DHT is formed when testosterone (male sex hormone) combines with an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase (5-AR). It targets the hair follicles (pouches that enclose the hair root) and stimulates hair loss in both men and women. DHT weakens the hair by stopping the flow of vitamins and proteins to the hair follicles. This triggers excessive hair fall and over time bald areas on the scalp are noticed. So, the solution to regrow hair is to reduce the production of DHT. Now, how to inhibit synthesis of DHT? It is discussed below:
What foods you prefer to eat can also influence DHT levels in your body. In other words, a diet high in red meat increases production of DHT. On the other hand, diet that focuses more on eating vegetables and fruits and is complemented with sea foods (halibut and cod) and poultry products such as lean cut of chicken, can restrict testosterone production, in turn minimizing DHT levels. Complex carbohydrates present in brown rice, whole-wheat bread and breakfast cereals also benefits to reduce DHT production. Coffee and alcoholic drinks also have to be avoided to improve volume of hair.
One can also use shampoos that are specifically formulated to inhibit DHT production. These hair products try to reduce DHT from the scalp and promote hair regrowth. Shampoos like 'ScalpMed' contain ingredients like Minoxidil (approved by FDA for hair growth) that can help to reverse male pattern baldness. Even Zincplex shampoos do an excellent job of inhibiting DHT from the scalp.
As aforementioned, minoxidil (rogaine), is a proven FDA approved medicine for hair loss. Minoxidil is also available in the form of a solution and foam. The solution containing 5% minoxidil has a success rate when it comes to stimulating hair growth. For its usage, massage your dry scalp gently with the solution or the foam as instructed by your doctor. Once applied, allow the scalp to dry for at least 4 to 5 hours. You can then rinse your hair thoroughly below the shower. For best results, use minoxidil twice daily.
On the whole, growing hair back for men is not difficult, but in fact easily achievable by following a healthy diet high in protein. A regular scalp massage with a conditioner such as coconut oil, along with exercise is also essential to grow back shiny long hair.