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How to Kiss a Girl

How to Kiss a Girl - Correctly, Emotionally, and Intensely

So you've got the hots for a pretty damsel and you really want to kiss her. But you don't know how to do so. Well, my friend, you may as well read on to learn how to kiss a girl for the first time.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Okay, first things first. This article is intended ONLY for the type of guy who genuinely likes his girl and, as a result of his feelings towards her, wants to kiss her. So all you perverts, stop reading right here itself. Only the genuine lovers and likers may proceed.
Okay, so I understand that you happen to be a guy who likes a girl enough to make you want to kiss her. For the sake of simplicity, let me assume that you and the pretty damsel are in the initial stages of dating. You've really started liking the girl a lot, and as a natural progression of your feelings, you feel like giving her a kiss. Well, if you want to learn the art of kissing the right way, then you must keep in mind lesson number one - patience. You have to be patient and must wait for the right moment to arrive.
Guys tend to forget this and treat their first kiss (with every new girl) as a mission to be accomplished, or a target to be achieved, or a goal to be scored. By the way, 'scoring' (in an altogether different context) also happens to be something that is looked at in a pretty similar way by many guys (Remember American Pie?). I wish to make it clear that I do not subscribe to those views, and will, in no way, treat this topic in the same manner either.
Kissing a Girl - Doing It the Right Way
So you're passionate about your damsel and you want to know how to kiss a girl passionately. Well, that's a good sign (being passionate about the girl). The passion and your natural feelings will, in most cases, translate into the appropriate body language and the actions which should lead up to the kiss. Once again, I wish to stress, that a kiss is not a personal milestone that you should be aiming for. It should simply be one of the natural outcomes of sharing physical closeness with your girl, and not something as artificial as another item on your 'to-do' list.
Now, I will move on to how a certain amount of physical closeness may lead you both to locking lips with each other. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a foolproof process and I do not offer any guarantees!
Loving couple in bed
First and foremost, you should make sure that you and your girl are in a nice, silent location with no curious onlookers or prying eyes. (Her doorstep at midnight is not such a good idea, unless you want her dad to show up with a shotgun in his hand!).
The best way to ensure that the both of you have some privacy is to take her out in the countryside, among the grassy meadows, or under the shade of a solitary tree. Other alternatives could be an evening by the lake, a beach-side walk at night, or on a hilltop at sunset.
Keep your mind blank and stay relaxed. If you and your brain remain constantly obsessed and occupied with that four-letter word (K.I.S.S.), then it's not going to help matters one bit. So relax and breathe normally.
As you sit next to your girl, indulge in some nice romantic talk or whisper sweet nothings into her ear. Here are some nice things to say to your girlfriend along with some romantic quotes to say to a girl.
Beautiful young couple close-up portrait
Gently wrap an arm around her waist and bring her close to you. Look deeply into her eyes and smile. Put your other hand to good use! Run a finger gently down her cheek and feel the softness of her skin. It will make her tingle and she will like it. Run your fingers over her arm in much the same way and let her nerves feel the titillating sensation of your touch. (Tip: If you have a flower nearby, use it in a similar way. Beware of any thorns though!)
I love being his
Slowly bring your body close to hers. Give her a nice comforting hug. Smell the fragrance of her hair and the scent of her body. Very slowly, move your face close to hers while looking her deeply in the eye. (Don't stare or look petrified!). Brush your cheek gently against hers and feel the goose bumps all through your body. (By the way, being clean-shaven would really help!). 
Lovingly, rub the tip of your nose against hers, softly and gently. Slowly, move down and gently brush your lips against hers, and hang on just long enough for her to feel the touch of your lips.(DON'T immediately stick your tongue down her throat!)
She may not respond and may not kiss you back immediately. That's okay. (Women do generally take it slow in matters of love and romance). If she doesn't immediately pull back or turn her face the other way, then wait. Remain close to her and don't break eye contact. Caress her face with your fingers, gently nibble on her ear and give her a nice moist kiss on her neck (Mind you, no sinking of teeth Dracula-style!).
Make her hormones jump around and let her feel the temperature rise from within. Gently stroke her back, run your fingertips lightly and fleetingly across her lips and slowly lean in once again. Gently feel her lips with yours and if you sense her kissing you back, then stay on, or else gently retreat.
PLEASE NOTE: The above scenario was ONE possible scenario. There can be endless other possibilities and variants to it. What is important however, is to make sure that there is naturalness throughout the progression of all the things that lead up to the kiss. That will make the experience all the more pure and blissful.
Some Quick Tips and Techniques
Before I sign off, here are a couple of very important kissing tips and kissing techniques which you must keep in mind if you want to know how to kiss well.
  • First and foremost, maintain good oral hygiene. Smokers beware. No woman likes kissing a man whose mouth smells like an ashtray. Use mouthwash, mint, etc. to keep your breath fresh.
  • Close your eyes when you feel your lips touching hers. Looking into the other person's eyes while kissing is not very comfortable for most. Closing your eyes takes the feeling to an altogether different level.
  • If the girl turns away or pulls back, then wait. She may not be ready. If so, then respect her decision. A kiss should be two pairs of lips meeting each other, not one pair forcing itself on the other.
  • Move on to French kissing and using the tongue at a later stage, NOT when you're kissing her for the first time.
When expressing your feelings to the one you love, remember, "There is no other thing as sacred and pure, as kissing your Miss, and that's for sure!" ~ Parashar Joshi