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How to Make a Muscle Shirt Out of a T-shirt

How to Make a Muscle Shirt Out of a T-shirt

Outgrew a T-shirt, yet you don't want to part with it? Transform it into a new muscle shirt. Want to know how? Read this MenWit article that provides a DIY guide on how to make a muscle shirt out of a T-shirt.
Anamika Kumari
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Side Slits For Your 'V'
Make a slit at the side, along the entire length of the T-shirt, from under the arms till the waistline of the tee. Tie knots at the end, leaving the sides open for everyone to have a glimpse of your recently acquired washboard abs.
It is heartbreaking to outgrow any of your favorite tees. These T-shirts are similar to one of those exes that you could neither 'dump' nor 'ask them out' again. Added to that, your rigorous workout at the gym might have paid off quite well, and now, you have a deep-seated desire to flaunt your recently carved abs in public. T-shirts that you already own aren't helping much though. But we definitely intend to help. We suggest, you conveniently modify your T-shirts into muscle shirts to keep you cool in the summers.

Muscle shirts, these days, are not restricted to gyms only. They are a quirky fashion statement among guys and girls. They can be worn on all casual occasions. Muscle shirts with large armholes pair greatly with colorful bandeaux and bright shorts.

A few snips here and there, and your favorite muscle shirt should be ready by the time you finish reading this MenWit article.
Things You Will Need:
  1. A marker or a piece of chalk
  2. A T-shirt (old or new)
  3. A pair of scissors
Steps to Make a Muscle Shirt
A red T-shirt
Step 1
Step 1: Take the T-shirt of your choice and place it on an even surface.
Markings on T-shirt
Step 2
Step 2: Draw a curve outside the seams of the armpits to mark the size of the desired armhole. Do the same to mark deeper necklines.
Cut the T-shirt
Step 3
Step 3: Neatly cut along the marked lines.
Man in red muscle shirt
Step 4
Step 4: Wear and check for any changes in style that you may want, and alter what is necessary.
You may chop off any extra portion of the tee from the bottom to obtain the desired length. Well, there is always room for more creativity. Add on a couple horizontal and parallel slits at the back of the T-shirt if it fits too tight. Stretch them so that they appear worn, and the edges curl outwards. Enjoy the comfort and freedom of movement with your new muscle T-shirt.