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How to Talk to Girls at a Party

Dedicated to the Bashful Guys: How to Talk to Girls at a Party

Guys, usually, find it difficult to make the first move or approach any girl at parties or social gatherings. So, here is some valuable information for all those guys who find it difficult to talk to girls at a party.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018
Group of adult friends drinking at a house party
Parties can be the best places to meet girls and guys from all walks of life. Parties or social gatherings also make the perfect setting for the single crowd to make acquaintances and possibly get hooked.
Now, you seem to keep noticing a girl in the crowd and like what you see. One glimpse of her, makes you go weak in your knees. You want to go and talk to her, but are scared she will turn you down.
Huh... guys, you have to change your perspective, if you don't give it a try how will you know what lies ahead. Stop assuming things and just do it. If you still find it difficult, when it comes to talking to someone you like, we will make things easy for you.
How to Start a Conversation With a Girl at a Party
Some guys get all tongue-tied when it comes to approaching a girl they like. Therefore, they find it difficult to start a conversation. Well, it is not all that difficult as it seems.
Womanizer in nightclub
Look for an opportunity to introduce yourself and when you do so, make sure you are polite and not pushy, or cheesy about the same. You can begin with complimenting her genuinely for something you really liked about her.
Proceed by telling her your name. If she to responds to your introduction comfortably; way to go! However; remember, do not resort to cheesy pick up lines, as girls usually hate them.
In case you find it difficult to introduce yourself, check whom she talks to in the party and try to get a common friend to introduce you to her. When you resort to this way of approaching a girl, make sure you do not make it look like things were planned, or you are interested in her. Let it just be casual or effortless.
Once your friend has introduced you, it is your turn now to ask her, if she and her friends (if she is with her friends) would want to join your group. If she agrees, great! Now, casually talk about stuff she likes and dislikes. While you keep the conservation going, may be ask her for her number and try to keep in touch even after the party.
Strengthen the bond and do not spoil the same by asking her out immediately after a few conversations. It is also very important to know the dos and don'ts of talking to a girl at a party, read on to know in detail about the same.
Tips On How to Talk To Girls at a Party
What to do
When you start a conversation, the most important thing to be considered is the subject. Remember, most women are emotional and not logical, hence try not to get into any technical or logical discussion with them. Start the talk casually getting to know about her likes and dislikes, or discussing any subject that holds a common interest.
What not to do
Don't dominate the conversation, guys! Take turns. Make sure you don't boast about your achievements and accolades to impress her. She might find you boring and self-absorbed.
Couple at the bar
Another mistake guys make is that they fail to listen actively. Listening to the girl actively is to respond to every statement of hers with an expression that corresponds to your reaction. This will assure her that she is being heard.
What to do
Couples Dancing And Drinking At Evening Party???
Being polite and a thorough gentleman is the essence of attracting girls. Pulling a chair for the girl, buying her a drink, opening the door for her and so on, are small gestures, which would say a lot about you as a person without you having to speak anything.
What not to do
Once you initiate a conversation with a girl, within a few seconds you would be able to judge if she is interested in you or not. If you get those "I don't like you" vibes, close the conservation politely, and get out of there. Don't try to stick around, being pushy. It will only irritate the girl. Therefore, end the conversation on a good note and say bye.
What to do
Flirting in a bar
A little flirting is welcome. Flirting here would mean complimenting the girl and, do it like you mean it. While you proceed with the flirting act of yours make sure you are genuine and subtle in your ways.
Make comfortable eye contact with her. See that you make everything look natural, and not like you had planned it all.
What not to do
Don't stare at her, like you have never seen girls before. Don't be a pile-on and shower compliments, which may not even seem genuine. "No compulsive flirting." Most guys indulge in the same which, kind of, annoys most girls.
What to do
Be unique, unpredictable and authentic. Girls like guys who are different and genuine. Make her feel special in your own unique ways. Make her laugh portraying the humorous you, which might come as a pleasant surprise to her.
What not to do
In an attempt to be funny, do not use tired jokes and clich├ęd pick up lines. This might piss a girl off. Now, being unique does not mean you do something stupid out the blue, to impress her, you might end up embarrassing her instead. Be careful!
If you try to incorporate these points, while making a conversation with someone you like, you are sure to come across as a warm, cool, polite yet a fun-loving person. She definitely is gonna be impressed!