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How Women Flirt

How Women Flirt: It's Enchanting. Unpredictable. Funny. Silly.

So, you think we just need to dress sexy to get the flirting right. Wish you knew how exactly do women flirt. Well, if you don't, could I be of some help in deciphering those eyes that speak volumes?
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
I twirl my curls, rotate eyes while talking, I smile in a way that my eyes gleam, and I'm always ready for another drink. Whoopee! Do I look like a chronic flirt? Erm, it's complicated, and you're irritated. However, what's wrong with belonging to the complicated sex? God made us that way. The funniest thing I see in being complicated is that it keeps the curiosity soaring high in men as to what would be the next move that we'd come up with. I sound smug, don't I? Well, I don't care. Mostly because I know why you are here today. To know more about us. To know what does it take to amuse us. To know what women like. To know how women flirt. To decipher if a girl likes you. Am I right?
Guess what, you're entrapped. You're enchanted. You're bemused. That chick just showed a couple of flirting signs (at least from what you think are considered as flirting signs), and you started day-dreaming. Oh, wait! Are you nonplussed? Were they actually signs of flirting? Or was she just being nice to you? What did her body say? Was it really the correct flirting body language? Well, well, well. You're in deep confusion, mate! And the right time to get that confusion cleared However unpredictable, complicated, or reclusive that female is, here's all you need to know about why do women flirt, and what signs do they show that confirms the flirting. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? To me too.
Why do Women Flirt (Why Are You Playing So Hard To Get, Boy?)
Did I just give you the answer? Women flirt because they want to be with you. Simple. The more a guy plays hard to get, or the more unapproachable he shows himself to be, the more will a woman try getting closer and try to flirt with him. Well, what exactly is flirting? Drawing attention? Yes. One of the many reasons for a woman to flirt is to have as many male admirers. Trust me, some women will do anything and everything to draw attention. They want to be wanted. They want to be noticed.
Another big reason why women hold their drink in a much 'inviting' way, or should I put it simply, why women flirt, is that they need to assure themselves that 'they've still got it'. Many women feel that post a dreadful break-up, they would never be able to 'catch a better fish'. As a result, they would spend extra hours getting manicures and pedicures and facials and what not! They would want to meet more men, and exercise their flirting abilities in front of them. This sounds inane. Oh yes, it does.
How Women Flirt (How Do You Confirm that She's as Interested?)
Are you still one of those impossible creatures who keep on chanting, "It is way beyond my wits to understand women"? Welcome to the world of even more complexity! Erm, it's actually hard you know. Just knowing how to read women's body language for flirting will, in no way, prove to be of any help. Even more intricate is the fact that if a woman likes you, she wouldn't just bluntly say it in a straightforward manner. Or, if she dislikes you, she wouldn't ask you to 'bloody get lost!'. So, how to know if a woman's flirting or just being nice to you? Here are a few points I could think of as a guide to understanding women and their flirting ways.
Ah, This Lady is Staring at Me More Than I Am!
You're sharing a story of a mind-boggling (absolutely boring to her, but she's a fool if she refuses to listen!) Formula One race, but she's busy checking out your eyes. She responds, but occasionally. She gives you a few lingering glances, but they're all long. And when you stare back, she'll break the contact and revert to drinking her Pina Colada! Guess what? She just gave you a sign!
Dressed at Her Best? Every time?
Short skirts flaunting her sexy legs, a black top that gets you high, and makeup that perfectly goes with the theme of the night. Well, did you notice this is not the first time she's dressed up like that? She does it every time you guys meet (Ahem...). Do you realize that she wants to look her best every time? Like, really, every time you see her. Aww, she does it specially for you because, she wants you to notice her, and of course, admire her!
Okay, You're Wee Bit Physically Closer, Woman!
So, she touches your hand every time you laugh together, she whispers things especially in your ear, just to smell you, she leans at you while watching a movie, and lowers her voice in a special way, like she does with none other. Congratulations! She wants you to be her confidante. She wants you to stay closer to her. Maybe she feels secure. Maybe she's comparatively more comfortable with you than others. So, now you know how to tell if a girl likes you physically.
Come on, Girl! I'm Not 'That' Good!
But she keeps on complimenting you for reasons you have no clue about. She believes you are the best man in the world. She loves the way you talk, loves your chivalry (only if you are chivalrous!), loves how you deal with adversities, and absolutely adores your looks. She uses those catchy, yet corny, pick up lines to use on guys, just to draw your attention towards her. For women, pick-up lines may seem a bit unusual, but that's where you figure out from. Her senses are bemused by you. She doesn't see anything past you. Given a chance, she'd even pick you as her partner for life. Remember, the more frequent it is, the stronger the signals are.
So, that's how women flirt! Were you fooling yourself until you read this one? I'm sorry if you were. But this is how exactly they show that they like you. Knowing that a girl likes you you is no less than a bliss for a guy. So, stop plucking those rose petals chanting 'does she like me', 'does she not!', 'does she like me', 'does she not!', and watch her with an all new pair of eyes this time. Yes, she is flirting with you. And she is definitely interested in spending her life with you.
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