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How To Know if a Girl Likes You? Don't Miss These Signs

How To Know If a Girl Likes You
Still stuck in the she-loves-me, she-loves-me-not phase? You don't need to be. Let your doubts rest for good with some suggestions that will guide you in knowing if a girl likes you.
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
She looked at him with fluttering eyelashes and flushed cheeks. He sat at a table nearby wondering whether it was him she was looking at. Two minutes later, there she was, playing with her hair. And then he saw it -- the dreamiest look he had ever seen. Convinced that she was really, really into him, he walked up to her...

Hi I'm Josh. Care to join me for a cup of coffee?

And the girl, she simply gaped at him and said,

Umm, I'm sorry. I can't have coffee with you, I'm waiting for my boyfriend. He'll be here any minute.
Happens. We convince ourselves of the existence of certain telltale signs to gauge how a person feels about us and sometimes we read them wrong. Of course certain signs exist, but they are not as simple as black and white. In fact, the signs of pure physical attraction and the signs of something more are different. They have to be. Unfortunately, the need to merge these signs leads to the emergence of clichés. And these clichés are often taken as the 'surefire ways to know whether a girl likes you', which is obviously not always the case. It can't be.
So what are these clichés? Some of these might seem a bit silly, although people claim that these work. Personally, I think these are not applicable to every girl that you meet. Making inferences about a girl's feelings merely by the way she looks at you or by the way she flutters her eyes might seem very romantic and mushy, just like they show in the movies, but then again, if all the things shown in the romantic movies were to come true, life would be a piece of cake. But we digress. On to those signs then?
- She plays with her hair while talking to you or while looking at you. (So? Her hair might just be soft, is all.)
- She touches her neck. (What if she has a stiff neck that's hurting real bad? No, seriously.)
- She looks at you with dreamy eyes and stares at your lips. (So about the dreamy thing - maybe she's sleepy or on dope? And maybe your lips have a bit of that ketchup from lunch? Could happen.)
- She laughs at every joke you make, even if it's a crappy one. (Maybe she is just being polite.)
- She blushes when she sees you. (Maybe she remembers some silly joke that her friend told her about you.)
The intention here is not to make you doubt every single thing she does around you, nor every reaction she gives you -- it's just that these are all very vague signs and they may or may not mean anything at all. Though non-verbal cues say a lot, these could simply be an indication of temporary physical attraction which might not necessarily culminate into a relationship.
My Version
In case a girl really likes you, she won't simply resort to non-verbal cues to make her feelings clear. There will most definitely be a change in her behavioral patterns as well. A mix of both these, are the true indicators of how she's really feeling. Though it is important to remember that body language cues usually focus on physical attraction rather than long-term commitment and relationships. Those signs will naturally make way when you are in a relationship. But the steps that may lead to a relationship can become easier if one has certain cues that they can learn from. The following are signs that are a clear indication of whether a girl really, really likes you.
Warm smile that reaches her eyes
A genuine, warm smile that reaches her eyes will make way every time y'all come face to face.
Prolonging the conversation via texting
When you text her, she will almost always reply without wasting any time. Also, she will try to keep the conversation going for as long as possible.
When y'all are in the same room, her gaze will always be on you. She'll look at you as often as possible.
She will call you/text you 'simply because' -- there will be no special agenda on hand. She will simply text to ask how your day is going, or call to tell something mundane or important that happened in hers.
Talking and more talking
She will be able to talk, talk and talk about anything under the sun with you.
Rarely will she ignore you. She will hang by every word you say when you speak and never turn down an offer to spend time with you (unless of course she has a genuine reason.)
Trying to enjoy things you like doing
She will do things that she normally would not do. Things like going to a volleyball match to watch you play. Or she might start watching a sport that she knows you like. She will then try and steer it into the conversation, asking you questions about the same.
She will never try to pretend when she's around you. She will be herself, which means she's comfortable with you.
She will go out of her way to help you out with your work without ever complaining, and when you thank her, she'll tell you you'd rather not.
Jealousy as natural reaction
If she sees you chatting with any other girl, she will be jealous. This will show in the taunts that are directed towards you and the girl, or in the way she suddenly becomes withdrawn or sullen.
She will help you with things
She will be the first one to congratulate you on your achievements or any other special occasion.
She will try to mingle with your closed ones
She will brag about you with her friends. Notice if her friends suddenly seem more attentive when you're around, or start teasing her when you pass them by.
She will encourage and support you (either through words or actions) when you are feeling low and/or tensed.
She will show concern for you
She will be concerned about your general well-being, and will snap at you when you are negligent about your health -- like not eating right or not eating at the right time.
She will chat with you for hours together, not only about the day-to-day events, but also about her experiences and dreams. When she talks about her future, she will mention you in it.
Instead of passing flattering compliments, she'll be honest with you and tell you what she likes as well as dislikes about you.
And there you have it. The signs which will make it abundantly clear if she is genuinely interested in you or not. These signs, coupled with a lil bit of a sixth sense, and you'll be well on your way to know if you're reading the signals right or not.