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Interesting Topics to Talk About With a Girl

Interesting Topics to Talk About With a Girl

Asking a girl out is one thing, but keeping her seeming interested in a conversation is a whole different ball game. In this MenWit post, we will discuss some interesting topics to talk about with a girl, no matter where you are and what you're doing.
Aakash Singh
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
So you have prepared well for your date this weekend. You've got a new haircut, got your coat from the laundry, booked the place for that special evening, et al. So everything is going like how it should. And also at the same time, all these days you have been rehearsing how you would talk, behave and present yourself. One of the most important aspects to make any meeting of yours the most memorable one is what and how you talk. And if you know about interesting topics to talk about with a girl, and are a master at it, then you will surely make quite an impression over her.
Common Topics to Discuss
There are a ton of ways you can keep her engaged in a conversation where the two of you can learn details about the other. It take some time to open up to someone, but as you two share stories and memories that affects you, the conversation will become interesting without having to work at it.
Personal Likes
Girls like this the most. Ask her what she likes, dislikes, and pick up clues and topics on which you can talk on. Be interested and appreciate her choice or liking accordingly. Make her feel that she has unique liking towards a thing or a different approach.
Ask her if she likes to listen to music, if yes, then talk about what kind of music she likes to listen. Talk if she has ever attended a concert, any wild experience during a concert, etc. Share your own opinion with her too.
Talk about what are her views about fashion and what clothing makes her comfortable. What does she likes to wear, what brands of clothing does she prefer, et al. Appreciate whatever she says, but do not overdo it, it will only make it look like as if you're not at all interested.
Hobbies and Interests
Talk about personal interests, share about your hobbies and passions be it photography, painting, playing a musical instrument, or simply sleeping! Look for mutual interests and then talk about it.
This can be a good topic to talk on. Discuss your individual plans and aspirations in life. Share your own point of view at each others aspirations and goals. It can be an interesting topic, also at the same time it can be the one which she may not want to talk or have a discussion about. Hence, before you advance your conversation, take her permission if she is interested to talk about it then proceed with it.
This is one topic on which you can talk endlessly. Ask her about her favorite food, what does she love to eat, favorite drink, etc. Talk about the most exotic dish you have had, ask about her favorite restaurant. Ask her if she cooks, appreciate if she does.
Questions to Ask
If you're drawing a blank as to what you should say to her the next time you two meet, fear not. These following questions/topics will do half the work for you.
Do you have a bizarre pet peeve?

What books have you read more than once?

Name a song you know off by heart.

If you were given the power to rule the world, what would you do first?

Describe a bad date you can't ever forget about.

Your idea of the coolest costume for Halloween.

A song you like to sing while you're driving.

Your favorite fighting style―drunken master or angry monkey.

A fictional character you have a crush on.

Do you have a favorite holiday destination?

Is there something you think you'll never do again?

What was the nicest thing you ever did for your mom?

Your most memorable birthday celebration.

What's your favorite food?

Is there anything that stresses you out easily?

5 things you will never ever be able to live without.

Ideal way to spend your weekends.

3 things you wish to accomplish before you turn (age).

When was the last time you lost your temper?

A celebrity you'd like to get to know.

Do you believe in fate or destiny?

Have your ever gotten caught doing something awkward and had no words to explain it?

Do people often misunderstand you? How?

Name one thing your parents will be surprised to learn about you.

Most embarrassing tequila story.

Who was your first crush?

What's your idea of a perfect night on the town?

Do you have an outfit that makes you feel the most sexiest or confident?

Do you have a favorite movie from your childhood?

Best gift you ever received from someone.
Tips to Remember
Some guys are naturally comfortable while talking to a girl. However, that isn't the case with all. It's completely natural and common to feel intimidated by a girl or feel like you'll say something silly and scare her away. But if you follow these simple tips mentioned below, you will feel much relaxed next time around.
Remain Calm
This one is the most important of all. Do not worry unnecessarily. Keep your cool and relax, things will fall in place. If you fidget and become jittery it will surely not go as you had thought.
Be Yourself
It is really very important to be as realistic as possible. If you try to put a false image of yours in front of your lady, it will do nothing but may ruin your already well-formed image. Girls hate guys who try to be someone else. Just be a natural as you can and see the magic happen.
Show Interest
Be genuinely interested in whatever she is talking. Girls usually like it when guys give them a ear. No matter how much boring or disinterested the topic may be, be sure to listen to it.
Ask Her Opinion
If you are talking on a mutual topic ask for her point of view too. It will maker her feel involved in the talk.
Be Polite
This is the quality which you must possess throughout your talk. Don't be rude, do not put down each and every point of hers. Make her feel that she speaks good and you like it that way.
An important point - whenever she is talking, you start only once she finishes. It is not only good manners to do so, but will also leave quite an impression on her. So the next time when you are with a girl, you know what to talk about. Until then, adios!