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Know Exactly How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Men

How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Men
A lot depends on your face shape while choosing a haircut. Trends in men's hairstyles, like everything else in the fashion industry, come in phases. Which is why, whenever you run out of original ideas, the best thing to do is to look into the past archive of ideas for inspiration.
Natasha Bantwal
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
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If your hairstyle isn't chosen carefully and does not suit you, then you're probably going to end up looking like a mix between a frustrated clown and a harassed schoolteacher - a hairstyle none of us want to live with! Yes, hairstyles have evolved dramatically over the past couple of years, and though certain trends suggest a revival in the 80's and 90's styles, it is a known fact that hairstyles change with the season!
►Trendy Haircuts for Men
You can style your hair extremely short or try to keep them in pointed pattern as spikes. The hair can be cut short from all sides, yet it can be kept long on the top. Another thing can be done keeping uniform short hair all over. This hairstyle is mostly seen in military people.
You can also try layered hairstyles if you wish to keep your hair a bit longer or have wavy hair. You can get some layers in your hair and keep the hair ends wispy. People with wavy hair can get a square-cut or get some layers and set the hair with a mousse or serum so that the hair stays like spikes in place. Another product which works great for wavy or curly hair is leave-in-conditioner.
Those who have extremely wavy or curly hair can also go for shaggy hairstyles. These styles look messy and sexy. Plus, they are low on maintenance. People who are bored with their straight hair can also consider getting their hair styled wavy either permanently or temporarily. African-Americans can get an Afro cut and sport it in a natural style.
A trendier version of the traditional Mohawk style, the faux hawk is generally associated with the likes of punk stars and football players. With its trademark, central spike and shaved or buzzed sides, the faux hawk is for those who choose to be different.
sleek razor
Sleek razor cut styles with sweeping bangs are popular among men. However, go for these hairstyles if you have fine hair, as people with wavy or thick hair can find it difficult to maintain these styles.
Those who have really long hair can consider hairstyles like dreadlocks, braided styles or mullet hairstyles. Though, long hairstyles look very unique, they need a lot of maintenance. However, hairstyles like cornrows can make long hair really manageable. If you have straight fine hair consider mullet. But, if you are a rasta man then consider going for dreadlocks.
Tips on Choosing the Right Men's Hairstyles
•When choosing the right kind of hairstyle for yourself, keep in mind that it needs to match your face and overall skin tone. Short haircuts on the other hand, suit people with diamond, oblong, rectangular, round or oval-shaped faces. However, people with heart-shaped faces should refrain from getting their hair cut short. Apart from this, your hairstyle should match your personality and character.
•If you are someone who is energetic and always on-the-go, then short hair should suit you. But, if you are looking for something that is classy, then the longer styles are more of your thing. Always be as creative as possible when choosing the right hairstyle for yourself. When going through various pictures of different hairstyles, don't limit yourself to looking strictly at the haircut - broaden your perspective and look for more ideas. Choose a hairstyle which goes with your hair type.
•If you are bored with your hair, then consider adding some skinny highlights or lowlights to them. However, go with a shade that will look natural with your hair color and blend nicely. A professional stylist will help you to choose the right hair color for highlighting or lowlighting better.
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