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Men's Watches Under $100

Men's Watches Under $100

The featured men's watches under $100 are those that aren't all that shabby for a man to own. What makes a great watch is the fact that you don't have to give up your life's savings, to own a great piece.
Naomi Sarah
There are a lot of companies out there who tag their watches under outrageous prices, and frankly, not everyone is keen enough to shell out that much of cash, while a select few are. The thing is that a man's assets are his car, his cell phone and most definitely the wrist watch he wears. Without a watch, most men are incomplete. Would you step out of your house without that great bag hanging off your shoulder? No right? Same case with men. It's what defines them as mature individuals who are independent, imbuing a sense of style and caliber that goes with the watch he has on.

A watch tells a person a lot about the one who's wearing it, and most of us are defined by how we dress and what we carry on us, because we want to give off a certain appearance. With men, it's the same. I always tend to fleetingly glance at a man's wrist, and I'm glad that every time I look there, it was sporting a handsome designer wrist watch. The thing is that women can splurge on a pair of heels, not bothering about the fact that it could go out of style, get old, or worse yet, get damaged over time.

A watch is timeless, and it cannot be replaced, but handed down if the make is exquisite. When I flip through a men's magazine, skimming through blown up photographs of watches and their little intricacies within them, making them what they are, gives me a sense of awe at how companies work to the bone in making the perfect watch. Even women should flaunt a wrist watch, but not all of us are made to love them like men do.

Cool Men's Watches Under $100

Revealing to you now, are some of the best men's watches available for the style-conscious man looking for a great buy, without having to compromise on style and class.

Casio Oceanus
It has attributes like a screw down crown, a display for dates, luminous hour/minute hands, alarm capabilities and the works. It comes with a brown leather strap that fits snugly around one's hand, and is conveniently adjustable for one's wrist. What makes this watch a fantastic choice for purchase, is the fact that it comes in sapphire crystals, which is pretty reasonable, considering that it is a much more expensive alternative to mineral crystal. Not so shabby for Casio.

Colibri Silver Liberty Half Dollar Coin Pocket Watch
Would you fancy a watch that had an antique look to it, and hang it from within your coat jacket, so that you could slip it in and out to check the time? If you think you can pull off the Sherlock Holmes persona, then this watch would have any man embody an enchanting old world charm. This watch has a unique and genuine Liberty Half Dollar on the front, with a silver Half Dollar of the same as its dial, making it a striking face to look at every time you flip over the top to check on the time. It comes in a solid case, made from wood, complete with the chain to hold up this pocket watch.

Nikon Private SS
This solid steel linked watch, comes with a raised bezel that makes the watch stand out even more. It is plain, with no markings whatsoever, and is made to custom protect the hard mineral crystals. The size of the numbers to denote the time, are well-balanced within the face of the watch, making it look well put together, without coming off as messy or lacking in masculinity.

Bulova Marine Star
The epitome of one's style quotient will be significantly multiplied when one sports this fine make of a watch. The detailing on the face of the watch has qualities nothing less than perfect, with a great stainless steel finish to it, and a burnished bezel to match. A Swiss quartz movement governs the power of the watch, making it a great buy to wear on any occasion, for every season.

Timex Men's T5E231 Ironman (100-Lap FLIX System Watch)
A watch that goes well with a sporty man, can't have what other watches have. It needs to look tough and made to keep track of a health conscious man's active life. Ratings given on this digital watch are impressive, since it serves its purpose well, with 9 interval times, water-resistant capabilities that can withstand 330 feet of water, five alarms, training logs, quartz movement, lap recordings and more.

These men's watches under 100, cannot get any better than this. This is just a select few of what's being popularized among watch wearing fanatics. The above watches for men, denote a certain style and will serve the need of having a great source to keep track of time, without leaving room for hassles. Explore other options and be a little open to something a little more pricey, just in case it's a watch that you find incredibly hard to resist.