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Men's Sandals with Arch Support

Men's Sandals with Arch Support

To get the ultimate comfort and avoid foot problems men should wear men's sandals with arch support. They provide comfort even when you wear them for hours. Checkout the best options in this article, before you shop for one.
Mamta Mule
Sandals for men are often chosen considering factors like looks and fit. However, when you are opting for specialty footwear like those with arch support, the criteria of the best piece often varies. While choosing a piece, considering the comfort it offers is essential. Comfortable footwear not only helps reduce the pain that many experience after a long walk or standing for a long duration, but also improves your walking style. As the piece fits comfortably, you need not struggle to keep your feet 'in'. Well, this problem might be often experienced in the case of many great looking pieces which lack the 'comfort' factor. While opting for sandals, choosing those having arch support is quite important. In such footwear, support is provided in the inner sole. This is part of the bed in case of open footwear like sandals, flip flops, and slip-ons. Let us find out more about this kind of orthopedic shoe.


Most of the simple sandals lack this feature and have a flat inner sole or base. While this makes no difference when you use the piece for a shorter duration, the same is sure to lead to knee pain, ankle pain, or other foot problems when used for a longer duration. Opting for one that offers physical support for the arches is definitely a good idea. While orthopedics always recommend the use of such footwear for those having flat feet or higher arches, the same is also beneficial for people having a normal foot. You can buy this footwear depending upon your foot problem. They come in low, high, and medium arches. When you use one simply for comfort and avoiding foot problems caused due to flat footwear, medium ones are the best picks. You can also consider flip flops for a completely casual look. Apart from this, those having flat feet can opt for those with a low or medium arch, as suggested by your orthopedic doctor. High arches are best for those having higher arches in their feet.

Best Brands to Choose From

Before you checkout various brands, it is essential to look at the various designs available. Usually they are the best to go for instead of the slip-ons. Sandals with a back strap as well as front straps that are adjustable are the best options to consider. You can also choose to wear the shoe styled sandals that are closed from front and have a just few gaps from both sides. Varieties in terms of colors and materials ranging from PVC, rubber, to leather and suede leather are plenty in these.

You can check out the Arizona collection from Birkenstock. Cambrian Strap, Galien, and Hemlock from Merrell are perfect pieces. Moszkito is another brand that offers a good range for men. You must try out the Viper string that comes with a medium arch support.

Let me tell you that you can check out the aforementioned sandals in showrooms and authorized outlets too. The pieces are available at much lower prices in various shopping websites. Once the size and piece is finalized, you can purchase the same at cheaper rates from one of the online shopping websites. So, check out the options and grab the best fitting piece that suits your requirements and gives you ultimate walking comfort.