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Nice Things to Say to a Girl

Nice Things to Say to a Girl Without Sounding Like a Classic Fool

You want to express yourself to your girl, but you simply can't. To shed your inhibitions, you should to effectively present yourself and engage her in a fruitful conversation.
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Yesterday, I had a long chat with one of my male friends on facebook, whose not-yet-began love story is disappearing into oblivion due to his sheer hesitation in talking to his to-be-girlfriend. While I tried to console him that he is not the sole male encountering this problem, I messaged him several links related to conversation starters so that he can at least begin.
Anyway, if you're one of those males who run out of words too soon to keep a conversation alive, I have to say two things.
  • Firstly, may be you're not exactly with the right girl. And I mean it. Initial compatibility in relationships is certainly of paramount importance. If you both are not tuning in to the same frequency and wavelength of thoughts, then there is something missing. Even if after several meetings or calls, you're finding some serious lack of spark, then reconsider your reason for being there. It may be infatuation or to say, just the euphoria of love gripping you.
  • Secondly, some of us just can't talk or are not verbose like others. Accept it. It's a basic human trait found in millions of people. So, don't fret too much about it. But then, as the universal truth states, guys fall in love mostly with their eyes and girls do like and appreciate their guys to be a good talker. So, if you're serious about the girl, you have to try to over come that limitation.
Things You Must Say to the Girl You Love
Be subtle, and depending on your phase of relationship or the comfort level, tell her things that make her special and wanted.
  • You make me feel special, lucky, and then some more.
  • Every time I see you, you look more beautiful.
  • I can't say how much I love you, because it would be so sweet that I would turn into a lemon.
  • I love your sense of humor and it adds life to everyone around you.
  • I appreciate the way you care for people and value friends.
  • You're so sweet I may turn diabetic.
  • Will you share some of your beautiful memories with me?
  • If I'm lost, I would love to be found in your eyes.
  • Your voice is as sweet as honey.
  • I love talking to you. It makes me feel happy.
  • Just listening to your voice at the end of the day takes away all my blues.
  • I want to be there to hold your hand and shield you from any trouble that come your way, sweetie.
  • I'm going to be there for you - always, to the best of my abilities.
  • I love saying things that make you blush and smile.
  • I enjoy every moment with you.
In case you're hesitant in saying several things in front of the person, you can send the above messages in a text but ensure your conversations are continued for sometime. Nevertheless, the importance of face-to-face communication is immense, and hence, say these beautiful lines to her face, with your eyes immersed into hers. It has to be remembered that these things have to come from your heart, directly. Don't say 'I love you', if you don't mean it. And if you feel it, then dare to say it, with poise and confidence. Guys, who can't talk enough (meaningful talk, I mean) must understand that verbal expression of love is equally important as physical expression and hence, they must gradually learn tips to talk and woo their girls.