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Nicknames for Girlfriends

Nicknames for Girlfriends

When a relationship starts getting really personal, couples start calling each other by different nicknames. Here are some ideas for nicknames for girlfriends that will make your girlfriend feel loved, and also make your relation more special.
Pankaj Chobharkar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Choosing a good nickname can be a daunting task at times. My girlfriend never really liked any of the nicknames I gave her. Finally, I had to Google it, and spend a significant chunk of my time to come up with a good name. Usually, twisting the first name does the trick, but some names don't have that flexibility. So, this article is for all those troubled boyfriends like me, who have a tough time choosing a nickname for their girlfriend.
While coming up with a pet name for your girl, the first thing you should consider is her personality, and what she wants you to perceive it like. For example, some girls like it when their boyfriends think they are sweet. So below are some nicknames for girls, with their meanings.
Cutie Pie: This is the perfect nickname for sweet and simple girls.

Princess: Some girls love to be pampered, and this is the best name for them.

Doll Face: This is a good name for a cute girl.

Angel: This is another good nickname for sweet girls.

Gorgeous: Now this is one name that almost every girl will like.

Killer: This is a good nick name for a girl with an outgoing personality.

Kitty Cat: Some girlfriends will love this name while others may hate it. Try your luck!
These were some examples, with some suggestions for their usage. But there are tons of cool nicknames ahead.
Popular Nicknames for Girlfriends
Kate Katie Kiki
Kitty Lettie Libby
Lil Dollface Liv
Livia Lottie Hon
Lady Little One Love
Bubblegum Revie Rhino
Pru Pancakes Cuddly Wuddly
Lilly Swiggy Lou
Lulu Pumpkin pie Tinkerbell
Butterlips Shamy Amy Cuddle Bunny
Cuddles Cutie Dimples
Fuzzly Mitzy Dixie
Puppy Love Miss Mischief Ribbon
Isla Care Bear Cheeku
Cheeseball Cici Chekeez
Cookie Coochy Lex
Lala Ladybug Laddy
Cherry Lips Cream Puff Twinkie
Libster Daffodil Freckles
Evie Gertie Jerry
Greta Pickle Pie Pinky
Pooh Bear Reeya Roza
Evie Love Muffin Mushi
Squishy Hallie Jello
Indie Revie Kitten
Tansy Tinkerbell Kitty Kat
Tootsie Cutie Lovely
Gorgerella Florie Coochy
What do you call your girlfriend? Do share some cute or funny nicknames with us!