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Man Perms are a Thing! Various Perm Cues for Men to Look Terrific

Perms for Men
Are you wondering if perms for men a good idea? It surely is. Just that you need to take care to get the right style. Here are the useful tips that will help to pick up a good one.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Women use different ways to enhance their looks, i.e., different kind of clothes, purses, shoes, haircuts, hair styles, colors, etc. However, things are changing now, and men are finding different ways to enhance the way they look. Many have started opting for hair coloring, like hair highlights and lowlights. Just like different kind of haircuts to change the way you look, you can also change your straight hair type to curly hair type and enjoy a new look. Just take a look at the curly hair styles for celebs, like Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Justin Timberlake to get an idea of how curly hair can be styled into. On that note, this article gives you some ideas regarding perms for men.
Decide on the Kind of Curls
The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of curls you want. Do you want loose relaxed curly locks, or do you wish to get very curly hair to sport an afro look? If it is difficult for you to decide, then go to a wig shop, and try out different kinds of wigs, check yourself in the mirror, and figure out which style of curls look best on you.
Go to a Good Stylist
Go to a stylist to get the right curls. Once you have decided the style, describe it to the stylist. Relaxed curls are a good choice, as they give a sexy messy hairdo look. The stylist will use thicker rods to style your hair into loose curls. For very curly style, the stylist will use thinner rods. To get perms, you need medium length hair so that hair can be placed around rods, if you don't have enough long hair for perming, then use a curling hair serum on wet hair, and tousle your hair to get softer curls.
Getting Layers
Before perming your hair, get some layered hairstyle cut in your hair, as getting layers will add more to your style. Get the hair in the front cut into shorter length, so some curly locks fall on your forehead and bring attention to your attention. Then, get few layers near the back hair. Remember that the hair needs to be cut into layers before it is permed.
Styling and Caring
Perms contain some harsh chemicals, so you need to use them sparingly. After you get the process done, do not wash your hair for 24 hours at least. This lets the hair perms to develop and also makes them last for a couple of months. Use shampoos and conditioners, which help to deeply moisturize the hair. Use a thick tooth comb to comb your hair every morning. You can also use an anti-frizz curling hair serum on wet hair, and then tousle your hair. Serum will help in frizzy management and add more to the style.
Going Back to Straight Hair
If you don't like the permed hair look, then you can always go back to the stylist and get your hair straightening done. However, you need to wait a few weeks before the services to allow the hair to normalize. A good stylist will be able to straighten your permed hair, with the right hair products and minimize the damage to the hair.
So, use the tips above to find the right kind of perms for you, and visit a stylist to get a cool looking curly hairstyle, which suits you.
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