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What They Don't Tell You About Platform Shoes Meant for Men

Platform Shoes for Men
The platform shoes for men from the retro era are now back, that too in a brand new avatar. Read on to know more..
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Platform shoes were a big hit during the peak of disco era. The word 'retro' conjures images of members of famous rock bands 'Beatles' or 'Rolling Stones' gyrating in their funky platform shoes. These vintage platform shoes from the disco era were very glamorous and showy. Though the above mentioned bands made them famous, the origin of platform shoes boots can be traced back several centuries. They probably originated in Greek during medieval period and were worn across Europe by men and women. Although, they witnessed some popularity in 30s, 40s and early 50s, none can be matched with their tremendous popularity in 70s, 80s or more commonly, the disco era. However, the popularity of platform shoes waned with the end of disco era. Also, certain social beliefs stigmatized the platform shoes, which forced men to move away from them.
Platform shoes for men were available in all sorts of flashy, showy colors. They were extremely glittery and sometimes came with a patchwork fabric. White and silver remained the most popular colors for men's platform shoes. These shoes were sometimes stacked only at the heel and lower front, while some were stacked throughout with a more prominent heel. Most of the shoes were made in genuine leather or fabrics that were similar to leather in appearance. Though, buckles and laces were a preferred choice, slip-ons were in demand as well.
Needless to say, dancing was the main function of these shoes. Some men opted for them to acquire a very cool and glamorous appearance. Some men wore these shoes for the most obvious reason, to add a few inches to their height. Platform shoes for men became an essential item if you wanted to make a style statement. The height of the shoes had become a parameter of person's style quotient, the more the height, the cooler the person! Some men flaunted the best quality shoes as an ultimate status symbol.
Back in Fashion
Platform shoes disappeared from the market after the end of disco era. Their popularity took a downturn, as men wearing platform shoes were considered trashy or gay. Barring a few rock performers, very few men dared to wear them. However, they have made a grand comeback again in a brand new avatar. Sober, sophisticated casual shoes have now replaced the jazzy disco platform shoes. These new shoes look absolutely normal from the outside, but have an elevation from the inside. The main purpose of these shoes is to render an 'above average height' to the wearer. These shoes can add up to 2.75 inches to your height. They have enough room for your toes to breathe. Besides, these shoes are lightweight and improve posture to a great deal. Moreover, customized insert pads are available with these shoes for people who naturally have one leg shorter. The elevation that is offered on the inside does not interfere with the normal walking ability of the person. This type of shoes are preferred by corporates or people who wish to tower over their better halves.
Feet problems due to wearing high-heeled shoes are very common among women. However, men who wear high-heeled or platform shoes also have to suffer from several foot maladies. Unlike in women, walking in high-heeled shoes does not come naturally to men. As a result, men have to endure several problems regarding the foot and ankle. Often, corns erupt due to the pressing of toes against each other. Similarly, twisted ankles are yet another hazard of wearing platform shoes. Therefore, men with history of ankle twists should avoid wearing them.
Platform shoes allow you to acquire several inches of height, which may give a boost to your confidence. However, one must not undermine the hazards of wearing them. If you must, only wear properly fitting shoes with enough cushion and support.
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