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SAS Shoes for Men

Different Types of Handcrafted SAS Comfort Shoes for Men

Heard about SAS shoes for men and women? Well, you would definitely be aware of this brand of footwear well-known for its comfort and fit. Here's more about it.
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There is a huge competition in the footwear industry with the increasing demand in stylish, yet comfortable shoes. People are becoming very style conscious and are ready spend a few more bucks for good quality and fit. Many people prefer to grab branded footwear for that brand tag and for the comfort they offer. While we talk about footwear industry, we can't forget to mention SAS comfort shoes. Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden started San Antonio Shoes in 1976, popularly known as SAS shoes, after quitting their job in a shoe industry. They crafted the shoes themselves and concentrated on making them comfortable. Due to their dedicated efforts, today SAS is a popular brand which is known for its products which offer ultimate comfort. This is leading to increasing popularity of this brand, even with a number of competitors in the market and changing fashion trends.
Handcrafted SAS Comfort Shoes
What are SAS shoes known for even today, is their perfect fit and extreme comfort. Its trademark says, 'handcrafted SAS comfort shoes' and that is exactly what these gives you. Each shoe at SAS is known to be handcrafted. The skilled craftsmen at SAS factory make each pair of shoes after taking the right measurements. You can also get good quality custom-made orthopedic shoes here. What's more, SAS shoes for men and women are known for the right combination of fitting, style and comfort, which no other brand of shoes in the market offers. Available products and each new product launched is one that delivers better comfort to the customers. Well, if you are eager to know about the styles available in its men's section, then just move on to the next paragraph.
Styles in SAS for Men
From crisp formals till cool casuals, you can get all type of footwear at SAS shoes. Each type of men's footwear is usually available in two colors, except for some pieces. If you want a classy pair of formal shoes you can check out the Venetian shoes. This pair of dress shoes is available in brown and black color. You can also check Ace and Penny which are dress shoes for men without laces. Side Gore is another ultimate piece of SAS shoes in the formal section for men, available in black and cordovan color. If you want dress shoes with laces then try out Amigo, which is a style available in black color only.
Time Out, Bout Time and VTO are some classic picks from the casual section for men. Pathfinder, a style in SAS shoes available in black and ultimate tan color, definitely a good pick for your denim. If you are looking for slip-resistant shoes, go for the Guardian. Also, check Bravo, which is a stylish sandal from SAS shoes having a completely casual look, good to be paired with the shorts and capri pants.
Well, you might be eager to check out the variety in SAS shoes. So, wondering where to buy these from? You can visit the SAS shoe outlet store to buy a piece with proper trial. You can also opt for online shopping, if you know the right size for yourself. SAS shoe factory and general stores is the best place to buy these as you will also be guided here about the right fitting piece for your size. SAS shoes website also has a catalog which gives you an idea of the shoe styles available in men's and women's sections. It also helps you to know about the latest arrivals and the sizes available in each piece. What's more, you can very easily find the nearest SAS shoes store with help of the store locator on their website. So when are you buying a comfort fit shoes for yourself? Get them and get all set to walk with comfort and confidence.
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