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Sensitive Skin Care for Men

Sensitive Skin Care for Men

The following article deals with information about sensitive skin care for men. The skin might suffer from various allergies and other problems which makes it important to take appropriate care of it always.
Shashank Nakate
It is necessary to understand our skin type and take proper measures for protection if it is sensitive to external factors, allergies, etc.

How to Define Sensitive Skin?
The skin can be termed as sensitive for many different reasons. Reactions to certain chemical/cosmetics or other external factors. Sensitive skins can be roughly classified into 4 types: burning, acne, stinging, contact dermatitis and rosacea. The skins that are sensitive to irritants and allergies are included in the contact dermatitis group. The different symptoms exhibited by a sensitive skin are tightening, tingling, etc. The skin can also react to external factors such as stress, shaving, etc. The reason behind skin becoming sensitive is the weakening of the barrier which protects it and also the increase in sensory input.

Sensitive Skin Care for Men
The reactions of a sensitive skins that are displayed include pustules, skin erosion and skin bumps. The tendency of skin flushing or blushing is also one of the reactions shown by a sensitive skin. Patch testing is done to identify different signs exhibited by a sensitive skin. These signs are general itchiness, presence of hives and eczema.

Here is a list of some of the preventive measures to be followed by men with a sensitive skin.
  • The intake of spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine should be reduced.
  • The skin should not be exposed to varying temperatures.
  • One should learn how to manage stress.
  • Using a Silicon-based foundation helps in reducing the irritation of the skin.
  • To check whether a skin care product is safe for a sensitive skin, see if it contains less than 10 ingredients. One should avoid products that contain more than 10 ingredients.
  • It is important to avoid the use of water-proof products. This is because, a solvent is required for their removal.
Products for Sensitive Skin: Consulting a dermatologist is important before using/switching a skin care product. Nowadays, cosmetics come with fruits and vegetables as their ingredients. One should be careful while using such products because they might lead to allergies. Protection against the harmful sunrays is a must for those with a sensitive skin. Sunscreens need to be chosen appropriately. The 'sun protection factor' (SPF) plays an important role in deciding which sunscreen to use. The minimum SPF count need be 15 for better skin care. The makeups containing chemicals like titanium dioxide should not be used.

Tips for Sensitive Skin Care: The following tips would help in protecting a sensitive skin.
  • The use of cosmetics which are hypo-allergic is recommended for people with a sensitive skin.
  • One should also avoid using exfoliants.
  • The quantity of cosmetic products applied to the face should be kept to minimum. Over-washing the face also affects the sensitive skin.
  • Astringents are generally used in the treatment of oily skin. However, one should avoid using them if the skin turns red.
The facts about sensitive skin care for men provided in the article above, needs to be considered in order to take good care of the skin.