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Signs That Show If a Girl Likes You

These are the Common Signs a Girl Gives if She Likes You

Women are complicated and they can hide their feelings really well! This can be very confusing, unless you can read into their behavior. How? Scroll down to learn about the signs that show if a girl likes you.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Before asking a girl out on a date, most men would want to be somewhat sure that the girl likes them too. After all, who likes facing a rejection in any relationship? But knowing exactly how a girl feels is a dilemma for many. Unlike guys, girls are very good at hiding their feelings. However, no matter how smart they are, if they really like a guy, they are sure to let out some signs: verbally, physically, or through their actions. If a guy learns to interpret these, he will have no problem in knowing where he stands. Given below are some tips to recognize the signs, a girl likes you.
♥ Has Eyes Only for You
If a girl likes you, and she has the confidence, she will give you a little longer-than-normal look. However, this would not be the case if a shy girl likes you. The moment you look back when she's looking at you, she turns her head in the opposite direction. Reason? She is too nervous to look at you.
♥ The Touch Says It All
She does not mind being with you. If a girl touches your shoulder while talking, or if she pats your head and laughs, it shows that she is happy with you.
♥ Wants to Know About You
She takes efforts to know more about you, your hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. A girl who does not like you will not bother. Knowing things about you, is the girl's way to ascertain how you would fare as a potential partner.
♥ All Nervous and Fidgety
Read her body language when she is around you. Does she look nervous? Is she fidgeting with her hair, adjusting her clothes, or just too excited to stand still? All these things show that she likes you, and is anxious to make a good impression.
♥ Gives You her Attention
If you find her listening attentively to each and every word that comes out of your mouth, she doesn't want to offend you. She wants to remember details about you, and this is a positive sign. If you find her laughing at your stupidest jokes, she definitely likes you more than a friend.
♥ Smiling ... Is She?
Just smile at her. If she returns the smile, and keeps on looking at you, it shows that she likes you too. However, if she just smiles politely, or immediately looks in another direction, she may not be interested in you. However, women are complicated. The reason that she pulled away could also be that she likes you very much, and is nervous about you knowing it.
♥ Her Friends Know You
Do you ever overhear her friends mentioning your name, and teasing her about it? One of her friends may come and ask, "Would you date me or her (pointing at the girl)?" This shows that the girl has told her friends how she feels about you. They are just checking whether you like her back or not.
♥ Feels Jealous?
Simply mention another girl in your conversation with her. You could even point to a random girl nearby, and compliment her dressing sense, hair, etc. If the girl feels really jealous, contradicts what you just said about the other girl, or rolls her eyes, it shows that she is jealous. It irritates her that you liked another girl in some way.
♥ Talks About Personal Things
If the girl discusses her personal life or private issues with you, it shows that she is comfortable around you. She wants to create a connect with you. She wouldn't make herself emotionally available to just anybody. So, if you find her telling you about some really personal things, it is one of the sure signs that she likes you.
♥ Is Always There For You
If you are feeling down and out, and the girl knows about it, she will be by your side immediately. She would comfort you, making you feel better. When a girl likes a guy, she feels very concerned about his well-being, and do whatever it takes to make him happy.
One last tip! If you really like the girl, and want to date her, do not play the waiting game. Why not ask her directly how she feels about you?
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