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Signs of Infidelity in Women

Signs of Infidelity in Women

What are the signs of infidelity in women? Yes, gone are the days when only men were considered to be cheaters! Read on and understand that a woman too, can be the cheating partner in a relationship...
Shalu Bhatti
Statistics show that almost 54% of women have admitted to have committed infidelity in the relationships that they have had, as compared to 57% of men! That's just 3% behind men..., shocking, isn't it? Keeping in mind the fact, that men are considered to be 'born cheaters', women are no less when it comes to fooling around! So what are the signs of infidelity in women?

Signs Indicating Infidelity in Women

When speaking of female infidelity, there can be various signs which can indicate her having an affair with someone! Although, some of the signs mentioned below can be due to genuine reasons as well, and may not necessarily indicate cheating. Just have a look and see if your partner falls under most of the signs observed in a cheating female partner.

Constant Mentioning of 'That' Person: This may not be a sure shot sign, but yes, this can be considered as a warning sign of infidelity! There are chances of her having an affair, or a special liking for this person who is quite often present in her talks these days. Again, it can just be a fondness because of a kind gesture received from the other person, but if she overly praises him and takes special interest when 'his' name comes up, this may be more than mere fondness. The scenario could be the other way round as well. She can be secretive about her association with this person and may portray that she has nothing to do with him at all. In any case, if there is an over or under mentioning of this person in her life, there is a possibility (not a surety) that your partner is cheating.

Takes Special Care of Herself: If your partner isn't the kind who stays all decked up 24x7, and you see that she is taking special care of herself lately, like getting a new hair style, new lingerie, spa appointments..., there might be a possibility of her having another man in her life who she needs to impress! She could also be doing this to get your attention, but I'm sure you would understand if that was the case, wouldn't you? To be sure if she is cheating on you, you can continue reading to see if you notice some other signs of infidelity as well.

Stays Missing Till Late hours: At times, everyone needs to stay at work till late hours to catch up on the workload! What I am trying to say is that, is it happening too often with her all of a sudden? Does she always say no when you offer to pick her up from work? Her other colleagues (if you happen to know them) aren't working as late as she does, and when you confront her she says she has additional workload! Well... this can be a vital sign of infidelity.

Doesn't Complain to Her Partner for Not Spending Time With Her: She always complained that you never seem to spend some quality time with her, and now all of a sudden, she doesn't complain at all! One reason could be that she is just fed up of complaining..., but if that's the case, it will definitely show in her behavior. As in she will try to show that if you don't have time for her, she has other things to keep herself busy. The 'other things' needn't be an affair, however, it doesn't even mean it isn't. You are the best judge!

Tends to Forget Things: Your partner who once had an amazing memory and even remembered the slightest and smallest of things, suddenly seems to be very forgetful! You might get happy about this, as even you may have forgotten quite a bit of occasions a number of times..., but then this can also be considered as a classic sign of emotional absence in infidelity.

Doesn't Seem to Have a Problem When You Are Working Late: Not spending quality time and working till late night are two different things to a woman. Among the two, working late is always a situation women tend to perceive with raised eyebrows! But if her eyebrows are not getting raised these days, may be, it is time to raise yours! On the contrary, the reaction could be the other way round as well. She might start fighting over matters that really don't need that kind of response. This could be to hide her own infidelity, or to bring chaos in the relationship that the two of you share. She will be different with no possible explanation behind the same. You'll know...

Gets Uncomfortable When You Ask Her About Her Day: Women generally like when their partner is kind enough to know about how their day went. But if your partner, who once shared everything with you, is all of a sudden becoming secretive, especially when it comes to the question related to her all day routine, may be she is trying to hide something from you, and that something may include infidelity.

Avoids Being Intimate With You: All these points are somehow the beads of the same string! There is always a sense of guilt when it comes to cheating on your partner. This guilt sometimes, unwillingly, makes them act in a different way. Your partner who was once wanting you to be in her arms all the time, has suddenly started avoiding being intimate with you and is getting irritated way too much, without any obvious reason! On the contrary, there are some women who intentionally pretend to be loving and caring, but when they do so, the unusual behavior clearly shows. All these actions either come out of guilt or as an attempt to hide their infidelity.

Keeps Her Cell Phone Glued to Herself: The cell phone becomes glued to the people who walk on the road of infidelity. If you are noticing frequent texts and phone calls on her cell phone, specially at the odd hours, then their might be a possibility that she is catching the 'wrong signal'!! Another thing when it comes to cell phone is that, if you ever happen to touch it when a call or a text hits her phone, she immediately snatches it from your hand and makes up something in her panicky tone and leaves the room, or stays at a distance from you. Also, if she doesn't get a chance to leave the room, the conversation will be of a few seconds, followed by a text!

Encourages You to Spend Time With Your Boys: Every woman wants her man to spend as much time with her as possible. That's one of her ways to feel the love and strengthen the bond of the relationship. But if nowadays, she insists you to spend time with your boys, have a friendly get together with them, catch a game of golf or baseball, when you express your wish to spend some time with her... may be she wishes to spend some time with someone else! Again, note that it should happen often and not once in a while!

The signs of infidelity in women mentioned above can indicate cheating only if they are visible all of a sudden. The personality of a woman changes when she is in another relationship which is kept behind the walls. Also, these signs should be very unusual of her. If you think that she is cheating on you, it is very important to know the causes for the same. Do you want to know why do women cheat? Most women blame their partners for the same as they were unable to give her the respect, time, love, and care that they always hoped for, which they received from the 'other man'. Relationships are very fragile and need to be handled with a lot of care. Especially when it comes to women, they are extremely sensitive and can take your 'in-sensitiveness' as your lack of love towards them, and if they get the same love and care from someone else, they tend to cheat. Therefore, make sure you take care of your love as your life. Even she isn't happy with her infidelity, if you think there is a possibility to make things work, don't give up on her. Show that you love her, before it becomes too late.
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